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MilanoToon SPX

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Author Comments

Happy Milano day, everyone...

this is a bag of odds and ends... produced by me... props to JackNicholson for helping me iron out the menu situation :D

if u are interested in joining the crew, visit our forums! www.MilanoCrew.com

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((( VERY GOOD )))

I must say this was some of the best work by the crew, lots of good effort and time was put into this, very funny aswell, i gess you can say not all m crew is bad heh, but anyays good job, keep it up...

Nothing it was neat, well maybe the size of the flash...

One of the best from the crew...



much of tens

not bad

well, i didn't hear about this "milano day" thing.... but whatever. most of the milanocrew animations are junk like the clocks etc, but this collab wasn't junk and was alright watching.

Nice Milano Crew, Voted Five !

Nice, you guys are rempaging again !
Two wictories in one day is really hard to get(except if you are doing some movie in two parts so then it is easy(if both are good)).

Nice, voted Five !



Dancing is Forbidden!!!