Sonic vs. Shadow 2: T.C.

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IN THE COLLECTIONS!!! That's a +5... in w00t. The sequel to my first movie, "Sonic vs. Shadow: Rivalry", is finally done! Ok, listen up: This movie is best viewed at medium/low quality. Be on the look out for secrets. And whatever you do... don't blink.

Here are some tips on the secrets:
This movie is full of content. Extras, outtakes, etc.

There are 2 ways to get the extras. Wait through the credits, or find the Secret Chao Menu.

The Secret Chao Menu follows the same tactic as the first movie. If you've seen the first movie, you know what I'm talking about.

The Secret Chao Menu also has access to the Outtakes! Yay!

In the Extras, go to the guide for crappy sprite fights and look for access to the mini sprite movie, "The Crappy Sprite Fight".

That's all for now. Have fun, 'cause there's much more than just the main movie!


This is one of the best...

Definently one of the best sprite flashes I've ever seen. This flash is the first to earn a spot in my favorites (if that matters to you at all)

Short-Factor responds:

Go ahead, I like to brag about fans...

One hell of a movie!!!!

Ive have seen alot of movies like this and they always seem to have an effect on me. I envy anyone like this who can make flashes like this, But, I already know about the amount of frames, but is there any way to make your movies longer. The movies awsome but it make me real mad when a good movie that gets someone attention and just.... thats it. It just ends.

But what can ya do. Love the movie Keep at it.

Short-Factor responds:

I hate things like that too...

OMFG THIS IS F'ing great.!!!!

lol great job, i thought wtf are they doing not fully using the attacks from the sonic battle sprite sheet they had and then later i saw why u didnt ho u made it was perfect in my opinion like the part it looked like shadow was going to use the attack that i remember from sonic battle which he snapped and a disc thing came in front of him and te kick that shadow did after looking like he was about to do that attack was awesome. this and your first one are going to go in my favorites so i dont lose track of them. great job u should continue this as a series.

Grabs cracks me up

The secret menu's outtakes is hilarious. U can find it by clickin da chao in the "out of the blue scene"

Short-Factor responds:

Actually it's the "After That Tornado" scene.


That was 1 of the best Sprite movies ive ever seen .
Soooo smooth and soo clear .
Good Job ! ;) 10/10

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4.12 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2005
8:48 PM EST
  • Review Crew Pick December 7, 2005
  • Daily 5th Place December 3, 2005