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Global Warming Project

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Dec 2, 2005 | 5:26 PM EST

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Author Comments

When I first submitted this, I doubted it would get a place in the Portal at all. And at first, the reviews seemed to agree with me. But increasingly more people have appreciated this and I am more than honored and I never regret submitting this. Thank you, everyone, for the immense support.
This movie was made by myself and two friends for a Geography project. Sorry about the bad sound quality, but if it had been good quality, it would have taken 8 megs; too much for NG.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Dear KungFu-Gerbil...

Dear KungFu-Gerbil. You are a fag. Not only that but you are a very uneducated fag. The icecaps are diminishing greatly and a HUGE ice sheet down on the south pole BROKE off in 2003 (i think). An opinion is great and all, but if you say that it is quote "Poor scientific knowledge" unquote, while your own view is completely biased and uneducated, that classifies you as "Uneducated fag". Plus, you can't even spell "friends", or as you say, "freinds". Finally I would like to say that if you like polar bears, you should start looking into supporting solar power and other alternate energy sources. And type in "Preventing Global Warming" into Google. There are a lot of small things that you can do that are very cheap. Because I know very well that cost is a huge factor. Most normal people can't afford a brand new hybrid or fuel efficient car.

Cool random fact about the environment: Did you know that hydro power damages the environment? The turbines used actually affect the water flow and f*ck up the rivers mini ecosystem.

Yours truly,
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Poor scientific knowledge

Global warming is not due to greenhouse gases as they provide a much lower 'greenhousing effect' than previously expected due to new research.
Even 90% of ice caps have been growing from the last 20-30 years, but of course it is easier to show ice caps breaking than it is growing.
NASA data from other planets show that they are heating up at exactly the same proportional rate as our earth (we can be that evil as humans to affect other planets).

Congratulations for jumping on the global warming bandwagon, just because of 'freinds of the earth' propaganda. Dont for get the media btw, they are known for bending the truth.

ZipLock-Studios responds:

Well firstly I'd like to thank you for reviewing this, but I'm afraid that I have to respond to this comment for the wrong reasons.

It's been a few years since I made this flash. When I did make it, it was for a school project, so I was not "jumping on the bandwagon" as you described at the end, my assignment was to make something that would tell people about the effects of global warming as we were taught in class. Now, this doesn't mean that what the school teaches is what I believe, however, you really can't deny that the climate is changing, and if you live where I do then maybe you will have first-hand experience of this, like myself.

Secondly, you were trying to deny that the information I gave was correct. Well, if you had read the credits, you would have found out that many of the information came from Oil companies, one of them was Shell. Now, if global warming really is occurring, these people would be the first to see the impacts, because they would be affected both financially and they would notice a lack of resources.

Anyway, I'm sorry I had to explain my video to you, maybe next time watch it with a more open mind?


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

pretty good

good except for possibly 3 things (may be wrong on these things): global warming was NOT CAUSED BY HUMANS, CO2, or carbon dioxide, is released into the air naturally, but plants (or decomposers, i forget which of those 2) break down CO2 and keeps the food chains going. 2nd is in theory, if as u said, there were ppl who would die because of the heat, wouldnt less CO2 be used because less ppl were around, so the plants could then break down the CO2 in the air decreasing the temps. 3rd, i think this might be a proper theroy, but not COMPLETELY sure, most plants need warmth to grow, so more plants would grow and break down the CO2 in greater amounts, BUT, i also think that could decrease the Earths temperatures dramistically for when the plants take too much CO2, the UV rays will completely leave the Earth, giving us not enough heat, throwing us into an Ice Age...but now im thinking as the temps would decrease, things would eat the plants and SO humans would be stuck on the 1 inch border line of COMPLETE ELIMINATION. ofcourse, this is just something that i just thought of, im not a scientist or anything, just an average person, but THE HEAD OF NASA and others also believe that Global Warmin wasnt caused by humans and isnt anything majorly to worry about. believe wat u want, but either way i dont use excess fossil fuels. i believe this stays on the topic of global warming, which is wat i believe we were trying to do here, but anyway good job on the vid. keep up the good work :-)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Its sad

To think that all the great people of history, our friends, family, heros, all in some way contributed to the crises that we face now. We can all do our part to try and stop this crises, but only time will tell.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

thanks and good job

i gave it a good score. i have done school projects using flash before also, and i know how hard it can be working with a deadline. you did a good job animating and had good facts. in fact it did help me a bit with my own research project (dont worry im not copying word for word or anything)