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Hello Newgrounds! It seemed fitting to make a Christmas edition of the quiz-show game that began in early 2005 - so here it is, Merry ChriSMASH! (everybody's having fun!) It's a festive round of the quiz, and now I decided it was about time I put in-between-round minigames in, which can also be played separately! Oh, don't forget - "Ho Ho Oh So Hard Questions"!
Thankyou, and have a SMASHing Christmas!
Barno, SCPUK :)

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I remember how they changed the Armor Games logo for Christmas time. Or rather, winter time. Yeah, no need to be politically correct here. The biggest flaw in this was how the drawings were not that good. I was quite surprised to find out this game got a lot harder. I thought it was too easy at first.

While not great, it works for what it is. It's nice to have a standard quiz game like this. You even made three answers to choose from instead of the standard four. I don't know what the pig has to do with anything. The colors are done fairly well.

Oh well

Too bad it's for teens. I really liked it. It was funny when it said 'OMFG Charles Smythe!' even though I already knew it was him.

What fun

These are all very good games. Are there going to be any more in the future.

((( VERY GOOD )))

Wow i was impressed with this, it not only was improved from other kinda games like this but had great artwork, and sound/fx, it seemed confusing at first with all the buttons and such but i got the hang of it, anyways nice game...

Maybe just make the screen abit bigger...

Fun quiz with new original twists on it aswell as awsome graphics...


Best one yet

Merry ChriSMASH! was better than most of the other episodes from this series.

The good: You got to tyoe in your name and choose the characer you wanted to play with which was great, since you couldn;t do that in other games. The graphics were suprisingly better, andd the sound for those Christmas Carols were very clear. Violence, well we all know there's quite alot of that. I'm not a big fan of violence, but it cracked me up. What I especially liked is in the end when we realised it was "OMG!" C. Smythe.. I hate that man but I was laughing my head off. The mini games are fun, generally easy but the one with Rudolf was slighty harder..
I love the questions, how they were all tied into Christmas even though It's the middle of Summer, well when I played the game at least. It's a shame this game ended so quickly, but you got more interactive this time by choosing a name and avatar and so on, so this was a major improvement and I'm a big fan of the Smash! series anyway, so you can imagine how glad I am now.

The bad: It's too much the same thing.. You could try a few more categories, for example soaps and television, instead of just movies.. Maybe food, counntries/languages, etc. You get what I mean. Also the questions could very everytime you play the game o make it a bit more difficult, this may take longer, but if you write up a couple of scripts and then play one script, then the other.. all in one game, would be great, however, there are so many of these Smash! games, I doubt that's really important.

Keep it up. I can't wait to see the next one.. I absolutely love the Smash! series, mostly because I'm good at it :P

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Dec 2, 2005
3:39 PM EST
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