TwinSwords chp 1

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Chapter 1(a) of the Twinswords of Gahmon, finds Gahmon as a young lad, troubled by dreams. Hope you enjoy, and I will keep improving for the second half of the chapter. Also I realize the relative shortness of the movie which is why I am gonna make a chp 1 b before i start on Chp 2. Thanks to NG and the audio portal peeps for such great tunes too :) PS: I know the lack of voices takes away a little but I am not good at em myself and i figured no voices > bad voices. If theres anyone interested in doing some lemme know tho.


Good job!

At some points, the artwork you used was really good. Thanks so much for using 3 of my songs.

I liked the atmosphere you created. It must have taken a while to draw in the woods, the fields, the home, all of it.

I hope you continue with this series.

My only suggestion is try to make the animation a little smoother. For example, the part where he walked downstairs looked strange.

Archangel-X responds:

Yes, im trying to improve my animation skills, and thanks for the positive words. Also TY for the music :)

Quite good

That was good, but i think the lack of voices took away from the movie. not to mention small problems, like the text moving too fast at one point..but other then that, good job, hope to see more from you.


i enjoyed that, everyone is right, the only complaint can be the lack of voices but that didnt take from the experience in my opinion :P good work and i wanna see part two :)

This looks like it could be a promising series

I liked this. It looked wonderful. The sounds were also good quality and went well with the material. The only thing is as the previous reviewer said was how it could have used voices. this would make it easier to take in and appreciate the artwork instead of having to read everything and it seemed kind of quiet when it was all talk. Be warned though, that if you do add voices, the quality of them could determine the quality of your movie (meaning if the voices are stupid the rest of it will come off that way too). Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing the rest.

Damn this couldve used voices

but apart from that i thought this was well made.
please please try to get voices for number 2.

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