TwinSwords chp 1

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Chapter 1(a) of the Twinswords of Gahmon, finds Gahmon as a young lad, troubled by dreams. Hope you enjoy, and I will keep improving for the second half of the chapter. Also I realize the relative shortness of the movie which is why I am gonna make a chp 1 b before i start on Chp 2. Thanks to NG and the audio portal peeps for such great tunes too :) PS: I know the lack of voices takes away a little but I am not good at em myself and i figured no voices > bad voices. If theres anyone interested in doing some lemme know tho.



Wow, you are mega talented, you never cease to amaze me!! I loved the movie and I can't wait to see the next! Te amo con todo mi corazon, papi chulo!

not bad

Not bad the story look like it will be cool but you need to put some sound in and the text screens rolled by much too quickly i could barley read one before antoher appeared

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This movie pretty much sucked. The sound was done poorly, and the animator couldn't do 3D.

Archangel-X responds:

Eh? Why should that matter?...its a 2d cartoon afterall

i thought it was pretty good,

it was pretty good,seemed like a nice story but it would be like way better with voices

good but..

the animation is real good but would be even better with voices

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