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Snow Ball

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Help Santa to get Christmas gifts back from evil imps. The imps are hiding in some of the gift boxes.

Break the boxes with your magic snow ball to find stolen gifts.

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A nice version of Breakout.

I thought this would be a game where you'd play in a snowball fight. It turned out to be something much better. I have always loved these Javanoid or Arkanoid games or whatever they're called. I think all the little effects are really cool. November 30th isn't too early for a Christmas game. At least it's after Thanksgiving.

I never would have expected such a cute little game. I think the TNT should have been a bit more expensive. The music is fairly good. It has a nice technological tone to it while still being Christmas oriented. The graphics are good too.


Nothing new really, I was quite bored.

Really, this was just the same stuff. At first I thought maybe the rough walls would have an impact on the balls movement, but I unfortunately was let down there. Better luck next time.

Interesting seeing the reviews about a "virus" though. I haven't had any of the problems people listed, maybe they just suck. Who knows, I don't feel like examining that further. But something definitely needs to be done about the reviewer who foolishly admitted to reviewing a game he never even played. I'll make sure that review is shown to the right people.


well, first off... i'm not sure how this got on the front page, to be honest. i know they let a lot of games onto the front page that shouldn't make it, but this one is surprising. gameplay was worse than half of the other existing games almost exactly like this. it isn't exactly original, but i'm not going to hate it for being a breakout game. the christmas theme was interesting, and i played it simply to see what it was like. there was a snowy background, present boxes, and a santa cursor. everything else was typical breakout. it would have been half interesting if you were to follow through with the theme.
LASTLY: i've experienced a glitch, mentioned multiple times earlier, where your ball gets stuck in an indestructable block and your points go up very fast. it's not very pleasant to be playing a game and have to quit because of a stupid glitch. even worse, i've found a way to exploit it. if you let your points go up to your desired number, right click and press 'forward'. you will go to the end of the game and assumingly keep your points. if you were to have an online high score list, you would have rediculously high scores (besides the ones that were already hacked)

i gave this a 5, but i dont think it deserves it.
merry chirstmas!

like all breakout games i got bored after 5 mins

graphics-o.k. graphics

style-many many breakout games.

sound-sounds got annoying after awhile


interactivity-not much