Core Salvage

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You are a captain on the Stellar Cruiser Centennial.
The mission is simple but hard. Get in your craft
and clear all viral seeds in the ships core.

MORE SPEED !!! there are blocks that slow you down...

Use <- and -> arrowkeys to rotate the craft and bounce in all directions!!!!

>> Small Bug fixed <<
Note: You can play curve balls a reverse curve or backspin to the side wall will result allmost allways in a straight path after the bounce!!


Very Professional

and ditto to SohlTofang comments

Youdagames responds:

Thanks for the compliment.
Rest of my comment ditto to what i said to SohlTofang

I almost thought this was the shiznight...

UNtil I learned it was an advert >:(

Youdagames responds:

An advert is something that does nothing but tell you to do something.
You just got a demo game with 10 levels. Furthermore i have to point out that 4 people worked on this for 2 months...
Maybe i should just give you $ 5000 Thats about the same as the 10 levels cost us in producing.
Can we skip the comments of people crying about games for sale or adverts and stuff. Onlinegames are growing up get used to that because i predict a sad future for people that think that all games will be for free for ever.
Sorry don't blame it on me times are changing....


yeah nice graphics but was it fun? no...

very nice overall game...deserves higher score

i liked the comic story or w/e and the overall gameplay idea...

the graphics were AMAZING! great job on those...

however, when i got to level 3, there was no target to hit and i'm not sure why...great job with the smooth gameplay

i liked the ability to angle your shot too and your power so that was cool...great work, hope to see a sequel with tons of power ups!

Youdagames responds:

You won't believe how much features there are!!

Nice game!

Nice game, excellent graphics.

A different style of Brick for sure. A bit boring at the start, but got better later.

Youdagames responds:

Diffrent blocks are added each level diffrent blocks, magnetism, bends, invisible balls, blinking balls, bouncing blocks, warp holes the list goes on and on and on. Satisfactory growth of new features!

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Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2005
11:59 AM EST
Puzzles - Other