Cinco DOOM Mayo v1.2

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Thanks for all of the feedback. I increased the volume levels and added a new preloader. It's like a whole new experience!

Thanks again and may the Cincos be with you!


Good, but audio needs help.

Great concept, overall fairly funny. Graphics look great. Sound quality varies alot throughout, maybe just re-record the voices with better gear and make use of compressors, eq, and more sfx... Of course, I'm a sound guy so I'm pretty picky about this. Good job for first effort! Will look forward to next episode!

Maybe this cartoon is for an older crowd.

After reading other reviews I was surprised that so many people complained about having a hard time understanding the characters. Although the overall recording of the sound was bad at times, I thought the accents were understandable and over the top funny (reminded me of the old Speedy Gonzales/Slowpoke Rodriguez cartoons...especially Slowpoke). I thought the humor was right on....adult swim/weird kind of funny. Great job for your first time!

It was funny in it's own way

I wasn't really rofl funny but I got a few laughs. I liek the idea of a pair of superheros who are a turtle/slug thing and a catus. Plus they were drunk which was funny.

man that was....uh

that sure was something....whatever it was. Good job

cinco responds:

that was... well thanks for typing something. You sure typed something. j/k

NOT racist

wow its ether your dumb or blind or a lil of both, there wasnt any racism in this cartoon what so ever, if a mexican seen it tehy would laugh at teh cute catus. who cares tehy drink and shti like we do. what does it matter its jackasses like you why Riots begin you flare shit up for noo reason, i thoghut the cartoon was very good.

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3.45 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2005
6:34 PM EST
Comedy - Original