NewbieScape 2

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U better have been played rs so u can understand these jokes, otherwise, dont vote, and i like reviews :)
Watch 1st part before watching this

OK, it is my second NewbieScape movie. U liked the first one and wanted me to keep up tha good stuff, so, i am. I put alot of work on it, my friends helped me to write script, thx to them. well, you didn't like the voices i used in previous episode so we tried harder this time. i corrected the "click here to continue" button, so it will be more easy for u to watch it...




Graphics: Sucked
Style: Runescape flashes can be pretty funny
Sound: Who cares if the voices were annoying, Disturbed pwns!!!!!!!
Violence: Wow, only one hit
Interactivity: Pressing all those buttons counts, doesn't it?
Humor: I thought the free stuff and the party hat jokes were pretty funny

Next time you do a Runescape flash, make it longer, better graphics, better voices and more jokes like the free stuff and party hat.


Dude, what happened to their heads? I just saw the eyes and mouth! And the click to continue button was just a yellow rectangle!


You seemed to put soem effort into it, but the only time I laughed was at the "gimme some free stuff scene"

I don't think you speak english as your first language, but if you do, please tell me the voice actign was supposed to be THAT bad.

Dont reply to runescape haters

runescape is great and im only lvl 48 so screw off runescape haters and even so i killed a baby blue at lvl 45 with full mith and addy scimmy and i bet anyone who read this didnt kill it beore that lvl anyway gr8 move keep it up make another load

I'm soo glad

I'm so glad i quit that crappy game, I was lvl 96 with 90 fletching :/ real waste of my time....Never play it! I warn all people!

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3.80 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2005
12:39 PM EST
Comedy - Parody