Hero Squad ep2

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The second episode of Hero Squad. Thanks to everyone who supported me and participated in the creation of this movie.
I highly reccomend watching this movie in medium quality (right click when the movie is loaded, choose quality>medium) since this movie was developed for offline viewing. Hope you enjoy it :)



The story, as a parody, is all right. Contains a lot of hypocrisy.
Quality of graphics vary; cars are well animated, settings/backgrounds are mediocre, character designs are shoddy, a bit unpleasant to look at.
Are the voices for Scarlet and Double Helix supposed to sound...robotic?
6/10, the saving factor being humor content.

ok some things are better off with sticks....

i have to say it the *human* figures blow .. chunks.. badly the cars are well done the backgrounds are decent.. but the human figures look like they were drawn by a 3 year old. take some time and study anatomy or get some books on the subject if you are not then use stylized figures ( and no this doesnt count ) im really starting to dislike the very bad view, some of you have toward women.. women are NOT vapid air heads save that for dragonball z charcters ... and .. bad anime

OMG! you useed my music AGAIN!!!!

i like the 3d ness in this nice ! what 3d program u use? great idea and it sounded like you just picked a song just to use it. not a bad thing but i think you could have used my song called STOLEN>>>>> its not stolen but you know i just wanted attention. thanks again. keep making awsom flashes. and my music with them. LOLZ! THANKS!


hmmm interesting...

i dont like the drug references much but thas just my opinion...

i accually thought that the graphics were pretty good. not the best. but pretty good.

u dont get a cookie but u get a tiny piece of cheese

I Play One On TV

You're not a real doctor... What a laugh! Poor animation and story line but the humor was very good.

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2.96 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2005
8:08 AM EST
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