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This is the first completed Flash movie ive done so far involving a character ive had around since 6th grade, so all those that think it sucks....well ok, but you'll hurt my feelings. ;.; More to come hopefully



That was pretty cool..
Very speciel charectar..(bad english)

FleckoGold responds:

Pretty much yeah, i mean ive stuck with em for what? 10-11 years? he's like, the bestest friend i have! although he can get pretty annoying at times (snores, won't stop talking, eats all my food, borrows the car without asking, and oh yeah he's always stealing all my girlfriends!)

Smooth animation

This was some good animation. Smooth movement liked the tail esp.
You should have given him a voice.

FleckoGold responds:

Yeah, totally. Voice is good but have a crappity crappy mic. Even though ive never actually done a 'Flecko' inpersonation much less KNOW what he sounds like....he's kinda new at this ya know? being all aminated and stuff

cool one

well, ive never heard of that character before, but i though that it was a pretty cool animation. nicely drawn, original and cool to watch.

FleckoGold responds:

Well now you have! spread the word! Flecko world domination! mwhahahahahah!......ok i think ill go take my meds now

Good work

I thought the scene where he dodges the tomatoes on stage was amazingly animated....the chase scene was a tad fast, and the jump was weird...but hey i'm sure geckos do that....all in all though it was well made, good character (different but very well drawn, legs feet and hands all looked real good). Keep the good work coming!

FleckoGold responds:

Yeah, to be honest, that whole chase scene i made at like 3:00 AM and was just trying to get through it as quickly as i could before passing out...i'll, um, *eh-hem*, make sure to tell Flecko to slow down next time

It was OK...

...but it could ahve beebetter with a pre-loader so it wouldn't lag all the way though it. And some better sound quality would've been nice too.

FleckoGold responds:

sorry bout the no pre-loader thing, i just assumed that NG provided you with one in the event u didn't have one, my bad. i "think" i got that fixed but im not sure, if all possible could ya reload it and let me know if its workin?

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4.08 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2005
8:27 PM EST
Comedy - Original