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Holiday Super Frnds Ep2p1

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Update: Thanks to all for their support and NG for Front Pageness. I've fixed a few gaping errors and added a REAL preloader! Yay!

X-Treme Holiday Super Friends
Episode 2: Buy Another Day Part 1

Dr. Scrooge has developed an advanced technological wonder called the Propagando. It’s a massive mech-warrior style machine with numerous features used to “get the word out”. The most devastating of which is a large satellite dish capable of hijacking every TV station on the globe.

Once stations are taken over, Scrooge with transmit a hypnotic signal laced with subliminal anti-consumerism messages. The effects of such a signal could cripple the global economy during it’s busiest season and cause an idealistic shift to communism. (My god no!)


Fizzle Jizzle is for shizzle, my nizzle!

Very funny, but It kind of got boring when Dr. Scrooge was talking.


Graphics, sound and animation are wonderful.You've cracked it for sure.Funny as hell too.Its like you actually recorded someone with IBS taking a dump.

Dr.Scrooge = The monarch?

Is it just me or does this seem to be like the venture brothers alot? Dr. Scrooge not only resembles the monarch but he sounds like him too! Its a decent flash, needs to be longer. You need to comit to a longer flash or at least make them closer togetherly made.

Good lookin

Very good visually. Sound quality was very good, too.
Your style is sort of a ATHF meets Venture Brothers meet Ren & Stimpy.

I've seen some of your other works and this one just didn't stand up to par. I suspect that this is the beginning of a longer episode but you were anxious to just get something out there. Humor was very base. It also could have done without the homoerotic undertones. Semen soda isn't as funny as it is disturbing.


Oh deary me, that almost made me piss my pants laughing. Yup, that spider thingie is definitely a mom. When you're with a girl you like she walks in and tell the girl embarrasing stuff about you despite your attempts to stop her. Great animation, rich in details. Superb job, keep it up!

"He poops sandwiches!"

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4.07 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2005
10:55 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Frontpaged November 28, 2005
  • Daily Feature November 29, 2005
  • Weekly 4th Place November 30, 2005