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Skittlez N' Shitz

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A collaboration between 4 artists parodying an overhyped sprite series.


1 m t3h wr17inzz a funny r3vi3w..

FBI:010101010100110110101011010011010 f4rt!!001101010110100110101

Blordow responds:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA and the guy below me obviously has no humor whatsoever.

How the hell did this not win something?!

This made my laugh for days (not continously)! This being a parody only made it even better, if it wasnt, i dont think it wudve been as funny.

After listening to the acapalla in the menu screen a few times, i think you guys were doing (or trying to) that carousal tune from Super Mario 64's Boo's Mansion that's usually playing for the Skittes N Bitz menu screen, right?

The ones GKA (Daniel, hey we both got the same name, lol :D) did were hilarious, the 2nd one with the commentary being 1 of my favs. The 1st was great with the LAME, and Mario on the trumpet was a take-off of him on the harmonica playing Mario Kart 64's Choco Mountain theme, wasnt it?

1st one by BLORDOW with the meowing cookie monster made me laugh so hard for so long i had to rewind, go to scene select and watch the rest i missed later while lmao. Farts resolve evrything, lol, good one. And i never did get that camel joke, thainx for makin fun of it.

WONCHOP's one and only was shud i say..action packed? Had to stop alot of times to see everything that happened, but great graphics.

And finally, some of Yoshi-1up's scenes were abit weird, but funny nonetheless, his 2nd one being i think the strangest.

I think the farts are mostly what fueled the Skittles N Bitz series along with the randomness, and you guys sure overdosed on both (in a good way :P).

Anyways, pawesome job by all of you guys, you certainly deserve much more then our lame reviews ^^; Hope you guys come together again sometime to make fun of something else.

All i can do now is give you guys a 5/5 and a 10/10, keep up the good work!

Blordow responds:

Thanks for the review, you commented on all of us which I am thankful for! Glad you enjoyed it :)

lol the tony hawks part made me laugh

kinda lame but still funny on some skits

i love it

this is fun to watch, not to mention it's funnier than the REAL Skittlez n' Bitz

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Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2005
12:18 AM EST
Comedy - Parody