Last Job : Part one

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This is a story of an assassin, who after his last job tries to leave the company he works for. But leaving won't be that easy for him.

- Basically this is my 1st flash work ever. Its actually my 1st flash project too, before this I didn't know how to use flash at all. I started working on this somewhere in late august. Finally I am done. Hope you like it. For the people who hate stick movies, I could really care less since I wanted to get this done ASAP because I didn't have time to work on it. So I decided to use sticks instead of real characters. I had to finish the last scene in about two days and got really lazy on almost everything.

Thanks to all my friends for the support
Thanks to the Voice Actors Association And major thanks to Chris Hurn who came up with the exact voice I needed from his 1st try.



It was very good ...for a stick movie and you say that was your first flash excellent


a first flash that was wonderful, it had great graphics and it was also a good quality even for the first flash i loved this i voted a 5...(if this is a Barney Bunch prank to change this good flash with garbage go blow yourselfs you faggots) otherwise if this is the real artist awesome work dude

Scarfacetm06 responds:

Thanks, I hate those barney bunch fucks


Godsmack is awesome. I might think about getting one of their albums.

That was...

EFFIN AWESOME!!! The graphics were simple, but at the same time they didn't need to be any more than they were. The Music was awesome, the storyline was kick ass, everything was awesome. Keep up the good work kid

Schweet man

Wow, that was pretty good. Props on some of the more original moves used and the animation was pretty smooth. Music went well with the thing and the voice acting was clear and pretty good. It'd be better if it wasn't just stick figures, but I won't hold that against you. You used them pretty well.

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3.78 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2005
7:47 PM EST
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