Last Job : Part one

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This is a story of an assassin, who after his last job tries to leave the company he works for. But leaving won't be that easy for him.

- Basically this is my 1st flash work ever. Its actually my 1st flash project too, before this I didn't know how to use flash at all. I started working on this somewhere in late august. Finally I am done. Hope you like it. For the people who hate stick movies, I could really care less since I wanted to get this done ASAP because I didn't have time to work on it. So I decided to use sticks instead of real characters. I had to finish the last scene in about two days and got really lazy on almost everything.

Thanks to all my friends for the support
Thanks to the Voice Actors Association And major thanks to Chris Hurn who came up with the exact voice I needed from his 1st try.


Pretty good for a stick movie AWSOME for a first

Impressive backround blended with awsome fighting,sound effects , special effects and style gives this flash nearly a perfect score.

god damn

this was the official shit!!!!! big ups to you

awesome job for a first flash

holy shit man that was your first?!

Quite awesome

The music was good, the voice was good, the action was good. The plot didn't make that much sense though. Was he working for a company and was a contract killer? I need a bit more detail than there was. But, good flash.

1st Flash ?

If Thats Your 1st Flash, I Need To See Your 2nd Flash Meng! Its Was Just Totally Perfect For Your 1st Flash. Here The Result

Graphics: Nice Sticks, I Loved When He Fell Down Throught The Skyscraper On The Road, Nice Effects With Gunz. For A 1st Flash, 10/10

Style: We Dont Really See This Anymore About Bad Job And Stuff, Only Gunz And Kills With No Reason. 9/10

Sound: Great Sounds With Guns, Excellant Voices. I Just Wish That There Were More Music, Somtimes It Was Long Without Music You Know.. Still Good. 7/10

Violence: Hell Yeah, Nice Blood And Guns (The Rifle Is Kickass). 9/10

Interactivity: It Can Happens, Not Ofter But Can Happens. 8/10

Humor: Not Really But I Hate Put 0. :P. 3/10

Overall: Simply 10/10. Its The First Time That I See A Great 1st Flash. We Dont See This Anymore. I Think That You Can Go Far Man. Just Continue Your Series. Dont Worry Ive Already Voted Your 5.


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3.78 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2005
7:47 PM EST
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