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Hi again guys.

Meet MindScorn. A cute little brainmelting game that gets very hard, very quickly. Bragging rights go to the Newgrounder who leaves a review with the highest rank.

I'll come along occasionally and update the list of completed ranks, and give congrats to the winners.

You need to hit start after every time you win/lose to restart (obviously).

To play, wait for the computer to flash the colors. In the first level, there will be 2 flashes. Once the computer finishes, it will expand all of the colors, to let you know that it's your turn. Just remember the sequence the computer entered, and click on the colors in that order.



a bit odd but it reminded me

well since the colors and tunes made it easier but why do that when you can move it around in circles and goes faster. that just adds a new twist to the whole simon says. it also reminds me of a friend that makes his own noise for a color. it was so funny and bizare yells out the noises at a mall. the one i remembered was the purple noise he did that sounded like a bad imation of yoda making a dieing gariffe noise of a big ass crow. yet words cant describe it of what it really sounds like. just like this game thats the game to a whole new level.

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some tips for puny-minded mortals

Each color makes a unique sound. Listen for the tune made by the colors and the game will be a little easier. This is another element that makes the game so enjoyable. I'm-a go buy a spinny table thing for my Simon Says (tm milton bradley) and become totally super number one genius man-type person.

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So Hard

Managed to get to level 13 but couldn't get any further. Oh well at least my IQ is equal to God's!

"level 5" your iq matches einsteins

great game got me completely hooked
loved it totally
keep up the good work

Great mind challenging game!

"Level 3: Your IQ matches George Bush"

Really great game! The rotation adds another difficulty to the old simon says game!
Very well done!

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Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2005
11:39 AM EST
Skill - Other