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Author Comments

this is my second movie, i don't know what to say...i hope you people like it.

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Dude if this has to do with a GF who broke up with u, then dont do it, jus get sum help, lol i dont know why u made this flash but it was really..... "unique" in a way, i say jus sit down, take a deep breath, n call somone u know er somthing,
sry, im jus concerned, cuz the flash gave a a bit of an image like u were insisting on doing what the guy did in the flash, jus saying.

I sorta hated it

I liked the graphics. However, the lack of motion and the touchy atmosphere certianly contributed to its terrible score.

This is unusual

This is a pretty unusual movie, you don't see movies like this every day, but I enjoyed it anyway.
First of all, the graphics were pretty good, the charecters were pretty well drawn, although they could use a small fix. The background also was pretty good, it matched the style of the submission and the style which the chareters are drawn at. However, this movie didn't have motion at all, the only part when something moved was in this ugly shape you did with her picture... So, the charecters are well drawn, so as the background (although they could use a little fix), but you need to add more motion.

Second of all, the style was pretty good, you built a very touchy atmosphere in this submission. The fact that the charecters are drawn as they are, in this colour, shape and shade only donates the style a lot. The sound also helps the touchy style in this movie. However, you didn't use anything special, anything above the regulations to define the style. The movie was too short and the ending could have been shown in an other, better way. I also hate the part with the ugly shape you did with her picture. So, the style is pretty good, although it could use a fix in the directing.

Third of all, the sound was pretty good, it matched the style of the submission and helped to build a touchy atmosphere. However, the sound didn't really match the movie itself, it wasn't as long as the movie and it didn't end when the movie did. This made the movie look a bit strange, because the sound should end when the movie does.

Fourth of all, the script was pretty good, it was also shown in a pretty good way by the style. However, you could add some more things to the script that would show us his loss better. You should make this movie longer, because it is too short.
Anyway, it is a pretty good movie, well done.


Yeah i dont really like emo things but.....it wasnt that bad.

across the vein is for show...

...down the vein is when you're serious. Heh, *eh-hum* anyway, on with the review.

I dig your drawing style. Nothing spectacularly mindblowing, but solidly good nevertheless. The walking looked kinda off, but I'm certain you can fix that next time. As did the tears in the profile shot. The music was okay, but i'm not sure it fit the piece.

The overall feel of the piece was good, although it put me off at the end (why must things always end with the stroke of a razor?) And I LOVED your use of photography, especially when the woman's face turned into tears.

You've displayed some real talent here, and I'm sure your next work will be even better (and hopefully not involving suicide or angst, it's overdone). I wish you peace, happiness, and a constant supply of Evil Iguana Repellant.


Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2005
2:09 AM EST