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GG-11/25/05: A Thanks

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Thanks to everyone who contributed today

Sry for the sound quality my mic is really crappy and the closer I get to it the choppier the sound gets

Remember vote fairly it's against the rules of newgrounds to vote a bad score on a movie because you don't like what it represents.

Thanks again to everyone and goodnight

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PROS: The graphics and character design were drawn real well. It was really detailed. I also like how you made the bullet 3-D.

CONS: Instead of using speaktopia you used you're own voice. This is good in an original way, but were all used to listening to speaktopia. Some casual viewers might find a talking pear delivering thanks to the glock group boring.

OVERALL: Great animation and character design, but as a flash it just lack any plot or story for that matter, what so ever.


((( OK )))

Ha well it did make me laugh somewhat, i mean it was just a msg, maybe two scenes at the most, but it did get saved and its a good msg, something you dont see all the time...

Maybe make it longer with a story, besides just a thanks msg...

Thank yous are nice but still needs more, nice idea though...


Glocks are cooler than Colts, S&W or Berettas...

Glocks are cooler than Colt's, S&W's or Berettas'...That's why u have my protection point. However, u do need to desperately work on ur storylines.


this is

this is a glock thank you movie.

there isn't much else to say really although the sound could have been louder.

Argh...why do they keep doing this to us?

The only reason these stay, much like Clock, Lock, or Star-whatever, is because they are a group of like "minded", and I do use the term MIND generously, individuals who have no talent and gotten together so crappy animations won't be blammed from Newgrounds.

Hurray for run on sentences!