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UPDate Due to the success of Fear Unlimited I have finally decided to actually make the sequel , actually the prequel

Fear Unlimited 2 Kingdom Of Hell

UPDATE listen up the game is more than 3 missions long it's 17 missions long that is not urami in mission 1-3 it is his puppet play further to find out more

UPDATE lol I pressed the wrong checking box rather than excessive violence I said it had excessive nudity lol It has been fixed though rated 17 an up

the previous version sent 24 hours ago was a test edit for the programming it all worked so the full edition is now online


Hmm where should i start?

To get to the point i DIDNT like this game
1)Boring repetative gameplay
2)This game is based on killing things using the same combos over and over
3)The unbalancement here is unbeleivable bosses take up to more than 20x more hits to kill then they take u, guns do minimal damage and the grenade launcher is bound to get u hit with a counter, enemies do WAY to much damage to u with such low hp
4)Some bosses are extremely hard to beat such as celsius and puppet due to high damage, fast attacks, and incredebly high counter rate.
5)Music gets on ur nerves same thing over and over
6)The characters look like they have been pasted on the backgrounds.
7)The huge amount of copy of DMC lost major points in style.

Pretty much put i think this shouldve never gotten on front page. If u do make a sequel try and not use so much from DMC. Different music would be nice and unlockable combos wouldnt hurt.

You are a Devil May Cry fan, aren't you !

(see title)
I saw a LOT of things in Devil May Cry 3, which come back in this game...
The moves... ok, but even the background looks exactly like level 2 of DMC 3, like the collapsed building (yes, your building collapsed exactly like the one in the game) and also the bus lies on his side like in the game.

It's too bad you took over so much stuff, becouse it really is a good game... if you only had SOME immagination !

What the fuck?

Ok, so I thought this would be an original game, but as soon as it loaded I was thinking "wtf this is Devil May Cry?!"

Now there's a fine line between "inspiration" and "copying"

And to me you've ripped off DMC big time. I'm suprised you didn't actually call the main character Dante too!

Dizimz responds:

its a tribute dud I love the dmc series sniff they brought me hours of joy read the top corner okay

Could've been much better

Seriously.. It is a miracle that I even gave the game 20 minutes of my time. At first i thoght it was lagging and that was why the moves were hard to chain and didn't run smoothly. Now while I'm not one to be an asshole out of nowhere. The game all in all was VERY repeatative. No pick-ups, little or no variety of enemies, no feeling of accomplishment. I could go on... I REALLY could, but the maker of this flash must've put some ammount of time into this game and they shouldn't feel bad just for putting it out. My review in a nutshell is this: a game with about 4 or 5 moves that could be interesting if you weren't a fan of the best. Thanks.

why do i get stuck on vengeful core Stage after the Minion spam before ommen?

Dizimz responds:

Good question, wish I knew the answer, I no longer have the old FLA files, and theyre made on such an ancient version of flash I doubt I could disect it.
Ill be honest this is poorly scripted compared to what I can do now. This is made in good ol' Actionscript 1, and we use AS 3 nowadays which is heavily inspired from java.

I think it was W to switch out cores, or perhaps C, Id try to trouble shoot it with you, but I would need more info, did switching out cores ever work for you? if so, when did it stop, which stage are you on. Stuff like that.

But anyways, sorry about the glitch, I really am :)

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Nov 25, 2005
8:57 AM EST
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