A long short journey

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Well, i don't like this animation and as i was finishing it the fla misteriously deleted itself wich was a real pain because it still had some faults. It deleted itself from my LaCie portable hard disk. Real pain. Well there are noises out of place and the animation was going to be perfected at the end. Still, enjoy it...
This was going to be for the Newgrounds Timetrials... I don't know anymore...

Enjoy if possible...




This, holds so utterly true to life for anyone that's had to live through frozen winters. If it's not one thing, it's another. Nicely drawn, sounds fit the theme of it, and it stuck to the punchline. Well done. Violence and interactivity didn't really apply here, both are zeroed simply because NG doesn't have a "N/A" option for rates.


I personally think this is funny because I often have the same problem with my backpack. Recently, it's been very windy in my area, and you could literally lose your backpack or everything in it unless you hold on to it tight. Good job, not too long, and good enough to be seen multiple times. Again, good job. You deserve a ten for this overall and a 5 for the vote, although it may not count as much for me...


very well made, style is very unique and i hope to see more.

overall great.

Josemaria responds:

thank you very much. :) I've seen you on the five-twelve.com forums. hehehe


Like said in previous reviews, not what I'd usually enjoy, but I actually did!

Josemaria responds:

Thanks,I'm happy you liked it:D

good work

not exactly my cup of tea, but I liked your facial expressions a lot. :) Good job

Josemaria responds:

thanks. I like making exagerated expressions. Cartoony:D.. I don't think it's really anyone's cup of tea... It's not that interesting:D
thanks for the review

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3.69 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2005
4:41 PM EST
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