Danny's Batman: Episode 3

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Batman is faced with unpredictable troubles, more than he can handle. Watch 2 and 1


Wow I think I'm going to blow my lungs out

I don't know what it is. Those jokes would be boring to the average audience.

I was watching the series up to third part and I couldn't stop laughing.

I think it's that kind of laughter I get from reading chat from others online and they simply don't know how to spell and that just cracks me up.

Anyways, that part where the savage guy took a long time to say no AFTER he said he would translate it was the best part.

Seriously is there any specific study of this kind of humor, because man it beats all those other jokes.

((( LOL FUNNY )))

Haha ok this was funny and gave me a few laughs hehe, you should add more "COLOR" though, it
seemed abit bland without it, and more animating like all parts of the characters, but overall it was funny so notbad at all, keep up the decent work...

Some color,a nd better animating...

Batman in black and white...


Actually put some effort in

It looks like the animation took you five seconds, like you didn't spend any time on it at all. Only some of it was funny, and that only happened once. You're a perv... oh yeah, and, learn how to spell. It looked like you asked a 2-year-old for spelling help. Spend some time on it, add some voices, and grow up!

I gotta disagree

I think that th BEST part was when the weird little man waited hella long to say NO, and then turned him into a turkey.... Very nice. Maybe work on making the text cearer in the beginning, and adding sound efects to every action; that would have boosted my rating.

Very entertaining

I loved the drawings they were spot on... and the music obviously was perfect... it was great up to the point he got turned into a turkey... then it kinda dragged on a bit... Maybe its just me but with a better storyline that could be front page material...

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3.18 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2005
4:28 PM EST
Comedy - Parody