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CastleVania FD

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A flash remake of the great series of Castlevania video game. Use the arrow keys to move, the spacebar to jump and the Ctrl key to attack.

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kinda boirig I got softlocked after the first boss

What is this? A vampire for ants?

the first boss did nothing but to stay there and wait

Screen is too small. Try putting in an option that allows you to increase screen size

The sound and soundtrack COULD have been good, but it all sounds like it's being played in a tin can.

The UI that shows your hearts and score had numbers overlaying other numbers after the first screen. They also do not update until the screen changes which puts more numbers on top of those.

You're also unable to use special items (axe, cross) while jumping or otherwise in the air. Only when on the ground.

Hit detection is also pretty bad. I whipped a bat and clearly hit it, but it didn't register the shot.

Got to what I think was the first boss, but couldn't do anything. He was just chilling out in midair for a long time (while I'm writing this review). Gamestopper right there that needs to get fixed.

Other than those problems, the game has good controls and it's simple enough to just pick up and play. Those problems however make it pretty bad.

Cool, but not complete, that's a pity