The Secret Sauce

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This represents what really happend back in the days of old... i hope you've learned something from this.

more at
The moral: always cook your own turkey.

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dinner is served!

that part killed me of too many laughter!

Quite a good one

Lol...the starting is shocking lol...the "sauce" is unique...lol the part where he serve the guy with the bow shooted the turkey...it is funny tho...looking forward for a better one

funny thing about the "Special Sauce" . . .

is that there is a true story that really happened at thanksgiving for our Family. you know the "Special Sauce" the guy made for the Turkey, well one year Grandpa's German Shepard made the "Sauce" and Filled the Turkey himself, well long story short Grandma walked in on the dog finishing up. . . . . . . . . . Needless to say we didn't have Turkey that year and the dog was taken out and shot for the deed.

god that flash brought back memories. . . :-XXXX


Agree with Butt... something: "but the indian's killed the joke :("

I'd hate to be an indian that thanks giving.

I loved the motion blur when he was 'tossing the salad' with the turkey. I'snt CENSORED beastiality funny?