Imperial Rage

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Based on the quick-paced action and excitement of theatrical teaser trailers, I am proud to offer in under 60 seconds the story of a heroic general who became a slave, a slave who became a Jedi, a Jedi who defied an Empire. Alas, I have never intended to make this into a full feature, however Star Wars fans should still find it very enjoyable.

update* thanks for all your reviews. to answer the questions I know will be coming: 1. the song is Imperial March Rage Remix 2. time is the reason I wont make a full film of this (or the fact that I have so little free time) 3. I am however, making another fully animated SW film due out in a month or two (see website for further details) 4. yes, those are lightsaber gauntlets 5. and thanks for your kind reviews. I promise actual animation in my next submission =)



Its a shame that you're not planning on making this into a series or anything, it shows real promise. You should think about making more short previews like this, I think its great. I can't stop watching this one!

Ha, This feels great.

Doesn't it just feel great to see a flash movie you protected get the front page? It sure does to me. But anyway, I might as well review it now with all the glory it's got now. I really really enjoyed it, but I think you could have had that one alien girl change her expression while fighting. Other than that, It was just plain awesome.

P.S. While everyone else says to make this a real series, I say DON'T. If you do make a sequal, make it just like this was done.

very nice

definatley splooge worthy....take that as you will

wow wow wowowow... nice

that's are the best star wars drawings a have ever seen, it's amazing, You are one of the best artist I have ever seen, the movie... really really nice, it's just perfect...

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I never expected this to be so good, but it was. Keep up the good work.

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4.08 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2005
3:32 PM EST