Imperial Rage

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Based on the quick-paced action and excitement of theatrical teaser trailers, I am proud to offer in under 60 seconds the story of a heroic general who became a slave, a slave who became a Jedi, a Jedi who defied an Empire. Alas, I have never intended to make this into a full feature, however Star Wars fans should still find it very enjoyable.

update* thanks for all your reviews. to answer the questions I know will be coming: 1. the song is Imperial March Rage Remix 2. time is the reason I wont make a full film of this (or the fact that I have so little free time) 3. I am however, making another fully animated SW film due out in a month or two (see website for further details) 4. yes, those are lightsaber gauntlets 5. and thanks for your kind reviews. I promise actual animation in my next submission =)


Ultimate Star Wars Flash Ever!!!

This thng rocked beyond all reason and I've watched it several times already.

Some suggestions:
Make this into a fully fledged flash. The reason on your site is valid but looking at all the other things made out of StarWars, I guess they can turn a blind eye on this one. Either that or work for them I guess.

Anime-ish drawing style good, could use work.

Music is awesome, please send me the name.

overall, HWOW!!!

I liked the flash!

but i r confuzzled.

jedi are supposed to be above vengance, right?
wouldnt that make him sort of a sith?

I liked it...

Gladiator plot ( "The general who became a slave" thing) meets Star Wars setting... very nice.
I would suggest making the series though, even if the guy obviously isn't going to be able to kill the emperor (that would screw up the canon of Star Wars, after all...).

This is pretty good.

1.Graphics - The graphics for this movie are really great, althpugh I noticed that the majority of them are still frames.

2.Style - I liked the story, and the way the teaser plays out.

3.Sound - The voices for the troopers, lightsaber effects, and music were top notch. Could you contact me about the music?

4.Violence - Although it never shows any deaths, it is obvious as to what goes on. The ending clash was cool, too.

5.Interactivity - Not much for this, although offering you the option to play or not.

6.Humor - I found it ironic that a general of the empire would become a jedi and attempt to attack the emperor, I guess.

7.Overall - Really great film. Even though it says you have no intention of making this a movie, I think it would be cool if you did. Only a suggestion.


But i can,t find the song anywere

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4.08 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2005
3:32 PM EST