November 22, 2005 –
January 2, 2008
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Doing a Flash clean-up, please delete, sorry to any who faved this


Nice design of it, great look just like the real thing, i think this needed some instructions since i never played one of these new systemsm it would help for people like me, it was fun fiddling around and stuff, also could be larger as the buttons were so small ...

Large scale of it especialy the buttons...

Fun to fiddle, and nice design of the ds system...


I click on the right symbol And it don't work. Most of the time, it only screws up if it's red.

, this game is sweet, it must be pretty hard for proplr who are colorblind......., great sound track as well i love psybot

Some of the little circles but it's pretty original and pretty addictive! Good job!

This indeed was a very addictive game. First of all, I must comment and congratulate you on the DS design you used, it looks pretty much very convincing and believable, as well as the fact that you use the Power button to turn on and off. It was highly convincing and gave it some much needed detail. Well done. Secondly, the style was simple, addictive, but got boring after a while, simply due to the fact that you didn't become penalized for doing wrong. If you could do something to change this, such as penalize, or steal time for incorrect clicks, then you would provide a much more meatier challenge, and thus, it would be a much harder game than it is. As well as this, the symbols themselves vary. Blue and easy are rediculously easy to find, but red symbols provide some troubles, but they can be found by clicking frantically everywhere, which I admit I did a lot, and also through the Tab button (cheating, I know, but still...). The music was good, though it got repetitive after a while, and quite bothersome, perhaps you could've added more music tracks. But other than that, this was a very highly addictive and enjoyable game. By the way, I got 250.

It was cool! But why is the other controls active,all well thats at least cool!

games to ez got bored never died had 60 secs at least on clock

Except the fact that you can tab the answers. Just wondering, do you use FL studio for your songs?

Wow...first off, a nice DS look. Nice and crisp, with the stylus included! Neat.

The game itself is quite fun - hunt a symbol which is fairly hard to spot if it's red (as there seem to be a helluva lot of red symbols!) or very easy if it's say, blue. It's simplicity makes it fun.

My only gripe with this is that the symbols are quite small; meaning people with not so good eyesight have to get right up to the screen to see them. Or maybe it's just me...

Good game nonetheless.

I really like this game. It reminds me of the "Wanted" Mini-game from "Super Mario 64 DS" except without movement. It was difficult, but addicting, like a good puzzle-type game should be. I enjoyed the music selection, and the details were great, particularly the stylus. I haven't seen a game replicate the DS like this, and I like the way you did it.

I dont really understand the DS Flash game phenomena, but this one was interesting. Sometimes the game is to hard, other times It is way too easy. Too many of one shape is apparent at once. Also more color variation would be nice.

I think the logic behind the two red shapes was due to Yoshi and Luigi. But the most obviouse feature that seperates the two is Yoshis big white eyes. I would recommend you give a little bit of a differant shape between the two circles.

have a good'n

pretty crappy it has its fine points though

its really fun good job i got to like 110 coin things with 50 being the time like 60 percent of the game it was to easy

I got to level 50 with 50 seconds to spare before I got bored with it.
maybe it should get harder after a while or something.
good game idea though

this is 1 of the hardest games i have ever played. i mean,30 secs to find 1 picture among others? its hard, its tough,and its excellent!

I played the game over and over again... and i still am horrible at it, but other than that i loved the game i just felt it was missing something, it could have been better.
Keep up the good work.

right u stole the idea for the ds from mausland thingy and u stole the game idea from mario 64x4 i have no problem with it just become more original

a little hard but once you get the hang of it it alright cant wait untill you next submission

At first I found this game a little bit hard, finding the symbol was difficult, but as I got the hang of it it became fun and relativly easy. I quit after 30 and doubling my time limit, I didnt want to play all day :P. Overall great job!

you simply HAVE TO CHEAT(use tab) cause its to SMALL!

And its easy to cheat, just press TAB and wait till it goes to lower screen.

nice game there, didnt get as good score as you, only managed 90 :P but was still fun!

...but you need some sort of progressive difficulty level to keep it interesting. I could have carried on indefinitely but couldn't be bothered after about 600 (still with 50 on the clock).

This is a very good game, although it was too easy when you had to find a blue or yellow symbol, otherwise it's good, my score was 120.

What an addictive game! I loved it! I caught 57 circles! crap, i no:(

that wasnt really that fun to me but it was alright

Is all I have to say.
Well, not really
It was fukin addicting as all hell and the music rocked.
It never got hard, I made it to 100 points and still had a constant 50 for time.
The red ones were the only hard ones.... blue and yellow were the only ones of their kinds...once again, to easy.
If it ever gets harder, make it get harder faster, if not, try adding it some more blue and yellow during their turns and a possible 4th color.

This is by far, the best DS game I have played on here!!!

not really that good a all. it is like the minigame on mario 64 ds. i know you were aiming at that but it just isnt that good.

very intressting inded i sugest putting some videos and some violence in it. OK?

just stopped at 101...ive gotten good at the minigame for mario DS, but this one is still addictive.

i liked how tou made two of em look similar. it made it a little harder.

yellow and blue are way to easy

and you dont post the score when you lose, it just restarts

i had around 60

the only problem is that this was way too easy, i had to stop at 154 because i got bored...

the concept is good but you should put it in a bigger game, something like "a whole lot of minigames (that would be the name of the game btw...)"

also, make it possible to toggle the music on or off and it will be great

All you really had to do was click like crazy all over the place and you would get it in no time and your time would start to go up after a while. Other than that good job, also you could put a sound on/off switch in there.

its like the minigame on super mario DS
but you shouldnt have made like 5 kinds of red symbols

It's not exactly original, for obvious reasons, but it was very addictive. Sometimes, especially with the pink symbols, I was randomly clicking on anything that was pink, in the hope that I'll get the correct symbol before the timer ran out.

I think it was a little too easy though.
I really liked the music also
Overall good flash
All my five are blong ot J()()

aha ahadalie ha

It was too simple. The DS idea was not too original but it worked. It got boring quickly, otherwise it was good

This is just like ''Wanted!'', a minigame on Super Mario 64 DS!
Aren't those symbols from Meteos? I haven't played it yet... :(

zoom in, in case you don't know how, right click and zoom out when you find it, plus it makes the game more chalnge(ing) or however you spell it

You could enlarge the screen size. So I can actually see what I am clicking on the lower screen. That would make it easier to play.

Thank you =)

I got 15 but it was hard all I kept doing was click and get lucky.

Thats good but im coloure bind and that game was hard a steel shovel to the face

lol i liked pressing all the buttons i got 33 and then pressed the power button... oops... lol keep it up, hopefully this will pass judgement.

I dont really like the DS, but this is a nice addictive game.

The red ones are really hard, and the others are easy. There is only 1 of the yellow+blues but like 90%. Make it gradually get harder.

Nice game, I recently bought a DS and I thought this was a good mimic of a DS game, keep up the good work!

This wasn´t bad at all, I enjoyed playing it, and found it quite amusing. Great sound and graphics, I really must say, although it was all great.
There´s one thing I have to ask you though. Did you get that idea from Super Mario 64 DS?

i can se that you have got skills in making flash. but the whole idea is stolen from the minigame in super mario 64 DS.. not blaming ya.. but pretty good remake in flash.but you dont lose time in this game if u press on the wrong symbol, that makes it much more easier. but i think this should atleast stay here at NG as one of those "searching-NG-for-something-to-play-cause-im-bored-game" ;P

If you are taking the idea from the horrible super mario ds thing, at least go with their rules. You lose time if you press wrong. I'd keep playing but it will never end.....


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