Brenda Durbin

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A story about an obsession of a first love.


The mostly darkly beautiful I've seen in a while.

What a twist about the misunderstanding..though I get the feeling he didn't care too much. In the end, too messed up people that "deserve each other." Hmm. The shovel scene was oddly gratifying..though I don't know about the head. I've tried my damndest to rend the head off a cat before. It's not easy work.

Love in its purest...O .o revenge misunderstanding

...I love your Animations, they are so confused and regretful.. revengeful and consumed to the at-most evil in ones mind can consume to. The want of power from the degraded judgement of one self. Its soo pure and sooo "I love you" <-(in such since of your work and its creative nature)

*Laughs* such truth with misunderstood the blind of the cruch of a middle-aged man obsesseds till today, ending grace to kill another... its classical and the wonderful at best (love your work)


that might be my favorite cartoon ever you are a great animator I need to no witch program you used for it i loved that cartoon

Dude, stop coppin off Firth

That was funny. Everything thing else right bloody wanked about it. And your voices totally sounded like a David Firth deal take off. Also, din not old Firth have a friend named Merick at some point? ROFL. Nice prank guys. I liquered it. Hey Firth! You still need a protoge/concubine?!MAO

Mentally abused psycho-killer finds hope...

I loved it! Story was sick with a huge twist at the end and you delivered a good telling of what can happen to people who are mistreated when they are younger. The maniacal scream was hilarious along with the roaches.

Graphics aren't the best I've seen but still well drawn. I think you should do another flash toon like this one with a different character.

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3.82 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2005
5:41 AM EST
Comedy - Original