Metal Gear: Very Easy

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# Update: I got a mic and re-did the voice acting. Hope you like it better now. =) #

This movie is a short making fun of the very easy mode in the Metal Gear Solid games. If you find MG difficult, and have to play on very easy, then this movie is for you.

I had to draw everything with the mouse, and I'm relatively new on flash. Also my mic was half broken, so my voice acting couldn't be that good.

I'm accepting tips and constructive critisism, so please review =)

And no, I don't hate MGS. I just happen to find the very easy mode stupid. =)


Funny. I still can't stop laughing.

If Metal Gear Solid was that easy, then you can just wave a knife around and everybody will run off thinking that the knife's a WMD.

dipsinana responds:

Thanks for your review, and i'm glad you found it to be funny. =)

But what does WMD stand for?!


That was great man, espically since it was done by mouse, and funny as hell (equip clapping hands here).
I'm a Huge MGS fan and personally thank you for not including Riden (equip sword and Fairy Boots here) in this MGS2 spoof.

dipsinana responds:

Fairy boots... lol.
Nice to know you thought it was funny. =)
And this was before Raiden ever showed up on the MGS series... so there was no point in bringging him in.
Thanks a lot for the review.

Great for a first flash

Ok, That was good, but the part where the dude peeks around the corner
whith HIS WHOLE BODY was mildly dumb that high up the flipping wall. and for somthing that you did Entirly by mouse, it was AWSOME!

dipsinana responds:

Mildly dumb?!? This was supposed to be completely dumb! ^^
And thanks, drawing with a mouse is VERY frustrating.
Thank you for the review.


im not try'ing to say some thing bad but...okay #1 the graphics:are realy bad
#2 the sound: it was ok
#3 over all :not that good I mean it would be good if you noticed some of the finer metal gear aspecs.
Also the fact that this was very cheezy(voice acting) I mean cant people think fast on thier feet.
well im not try'ing to unsult ypu il let you off with a two because you try'ed your best and thats what counts so I vote 2 out of 5

dipsinana responds:

Thanks for your review. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I'll improve with time, don't worry. =)


Nice, and yes I am one of those people who plays on very easy.

dipsinana responds:

Then this flash is just for you! Try playing on extreme mode next time though. It's lots of fun. =)
And btw... what does LMAO mean? O.o

Thanks for the review.

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3.62 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2005
4:03 PM EST
Comedy - Parody