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Looks interesting.

This looks interesting Comrade, I would possibly make fun of crappy flash artists, that try to pass themselves as something they are not *coughs spiderboy05 cough* . Looking forward to it comrade, keep me posted.
-=Ketsueki Baka, Comrade Rust=-
-=F-KREW Member, RCC Member=-


I speak with Frog102 regularly. He showed me this because he was so offended.

Well, really. Your flash movies are kinda... crap. :\ Just because you are the followers of the self acclaimed king of the portal, doesn't mean your movies are good. It just means you are stuck up weirdos worshiping some fruity time peice.

Why does strangeclock have to carry all the weight here? He's the only good animator out of all of you.

Frog102 is a genius with actionscript. Handsdown. And the fact that he is thirteen sorta kicks your sorry butts a whole lot harder. He is my friend and will continue to stay that way. ( Even if he gets a bit chatty at times )

He presented a good point you clocks. Just because he made a spelling error, or two, ( don't we freaking all????? ) doesn't give you any right to attack him in such a manner. Oh god on high..... please.

Computer voices... getting old. They've been old scince they started.


( You can't spell clocks, without the other name for a rooster. )

HydraulicCat responds:



Ok i gotta admit it was kinda funny but only cause i know frog102,
but i think you went a bit OTT on it.

you shld have made one of your normal (crappy) clock movies and just added on frog102 gay at the end or something like that.

the graphics were half decent although you were kinda lazy on the bakground


Make a USEFUL flash sometime or another!

HydraulicCat responds:


i like these kinds of CC flashes

what i like about the CC is that they make fun of people writing bad reviews and those who dont know how lol. the graphics are been at its best. its pretty good for a trailer, cant wait to see the whole thing. i wonder if that frog guy "frog102" or something like that really does exist. like the people say "dont piss off people that make better flash movies than you".

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3.62 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2005
10:56 AM EST
Comedy - Parody