Blobbles- ep. 3

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BLOBBLES- Episode 3: "Toast Jolt"

(the third release of Blobble's funny everyday disasters)

EDIT: Pick of the Hour!

This is the third Blobbles movie, and let's see what he's cooking up this time! Uh, nothing! That's right, he's not cooking, he's toasting! This movie is about what NOT to do when you make toast.

This one's shorter than the others, but I rushed a little. The animation of the mustard took hours, look closely at it and judge fairly!

Please, if you dislike/hate the movie, at least give some constructive criticism.




THAT was a nice toaster.

flubber rocks!

oh its blobble?u should call it flubber.it looks like flubber smells like flubber and taste like flubber then its flubber!that mustard was....lol

JonBro responds:

1. Yhe name 'Flubber' is taken.
2. Blobbles is not made of rubber (thick skin).
3. How can you smell or taste him when he's on a computer?!

Thanks for the mustard comment.

mmmmmmmmmm, blobby

Your shorts are funny, man, this ones of the blue blob are just Perfecktz, the only reason I check my E-mail (apart from the powergivers, but thats a verry diferent story) its for looking for the portal update whith your flashes on it!, you alwais made my day hapier. but im going to miss that toaster!

JonBro responds:

The toaster won't be fixed, but that doesn't mean Blobbles won't stop using it! MORE WITH THE TOASTER WILL COME!

Many thankies!


I love you series and style! It is a small download with great quality! We need more flahs animations liek this one! Great job!

JonBro responds:

I liek Flahs, I don't liek long loading screens, that's why I made these!

You review is encouraging! THANK YOU!


This is by far my favorite of the Blobble series. I love them all but for some reason the noises when the toast comes in contact and his falling... it all comes together beautifully. I would give you an 11 in Humor if it existed. I love the grunting noise he makes and then the comment once he hits the can... MORE!

JonBro responds:

I personally regret adding that last line, but because you like it, I'll keep it on there.


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3.56 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2005
6:53 PM EST
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