Blockhead: Episode 5

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Blockhead, Episode 5: The Mission

Blockhead tries to salvage a fleeting day.

Watch Episode 4: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/275102

*** Hey, alright! You Newgrounds boys came through for me after all - was beginning to think ol' B-to-the-H had let you down. Tip o' the hat to you all for the Front Page again.


I try to be a fan of the series.

But can't bring myself to do it. I think a person being stupid is a bit more funny when it is in the realm of possibilities. Blockhead is crossing that line, when the stupid things he does just doesn't seem feesible. yes it is a cartoon but to me it is better when you can picture someone actually doing it. You have a good fan base so you must be doing something right. keep it up and maybe you'll make a fan out of me yet.

The-Swain responds:

So, it seems to you that I have a good product, but something about it keeps you from really liking it? This is a strange quandry. The next episode is gonna be very big, and it might get a little silly. Because it'll be a completely different context, maybe you'll like it for totally different reasons.

Really great

It was awesome. I hope you continue to use that mastermind of yours. So that we can watch more episodes of Blockhead.

starting to lack comedy

i find obvious stupidity unamusing, but when they actually dont know they are stupid, i laugh like hell. you make it sound so blatant it doesn't seem so funny. A good tip is to observe the actions of Homer Simpson in the simpsons season 12 onwards


selling a glass of nail,okay this is so stupid,still good graphic,but the rest make no sense but i guess that the goal of all that,still i found the part in the bus pretty funny so i give your flash high score,still think its a stupid flash...


HAHA that was really funny. i liked that alot. good flash work, good character, and great humor. it gets all 10 for me

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Nov 20, 2005
1:20 PM EST
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