Noodles The Ninja Dog - 1

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Dave is living his usual boring life untill he sees a rather unusal commercial on tv, little does he know that it'll change his life forever.

I already made a Noodles flash before, but that was a random quick flash for a friend's birthday. Now Noodles returns! This is the first episode from what I hope to become a new and descent series, as for now it's mainly building up the story. Enjoy!

EDIT: Greatly thanks for the frontpage

EDIT2: Noodles episode 2 will be in an all new improved style! Deadline should be arround half to end april


God I love it !

This was awesome, I liked it very much, but here are some tips:

1. Work on transitions! simply fading out with no sound whatsoever is bland and uninteresting. There's nothing wrong with fast cuts.

2. Wound quality. That girl's voice was all crackily. What happened to the mic you used for the rest of the voices? If it was the same one, what happened?

3. Wacing! That tv commercial was mercilessly long. Based on experience, things are usually funnier when they happen fast and unexpectedly. Don't dwell on the same jokes!

Now in the vain hope that somebody reads this, if not the author himself, i leave you to work on a cartoon of my own.



9 for sound as the voice's where a bit off.
very cool though.


to Vee_darkwing:
there was no invisible dog you fool, you need flash 8 to view the animation properly, you goddam idiot. this animation was good


LOLOLOLOL ok the semi-hiden crap is awsome (ofical pimps guide ex) this was a good flash keep it up and make sure i get that free pupy(even though it may not exsist..yea i read the warrning)so fo all you guys who take this at face value look a lil deeper...(side note can i have invisable dog number 2...)

It was okay,

but you frogot to give Dave a nose! Good animation though.

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3.95 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2005
2:10 PM EST
Comedy - Original