Noodles The Ninja Dog - 1

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Dave is living his usual boring life untill he sees a rather unusal commercial on tv, little does he know that it'll change his life forever.

I already made a Noodles flash before, but that was a random quick flash for a friend's birthday. Now Noodles returns! This is the first episode from what I hope to become a new and descent series, as for now it's mainly building up the story. Enjoy!

EDIT: Greatly thanks for the frontpage

EDIT2: Noodles episode 2 will be in an all new improved style! Deadline should be arround half to end april


im liking this work, keep it up!

this is good work, nice flash work. when you make the rest of the flashes they are going to be good.
Noodles, what gave you the idea for such a cool name for a dog?

Pretty good

Nice little movie... I will be waiting for the sequel.

okay i guess

it reminded me of that american 80's cartoon hung kung foey.i hated that show.this was better though.

hmm bit o potential but boring

its pretty lame and boring there was one bit i chuckled at....

it was well drawn.

You got some potential here pal

I gave this a 4 just because I see some potential here. The beginning could lead to a half dozen story lines of which could be funny or serious (ie the reasons to NOT purchase dogs at pet shops). Good luck and I'll keep my eye out on your progess.


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3.95 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2005
2:10 PM EST
Comedy - Original