Mario the lost star P3

November 19, 2005 –
October 3, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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You need Flash Player 8!!!

Finaly I finished the final part!!


MAN!!All the series was good,principally this!!!Very much great flash!I LOVED THE PART OF MARIO GETS THE STAR TO DO A INVINCIBLE LASER!!!!IT WAS SO GOOD,DUDE!!

This was notbad, actually had some nice effects, but really seemed neat on the story part of it all, and with all that said it was funny, very nice efefcts on top of that so nice animation indeed...

Compress the file...

Funny good story and need effects...


although some of the parts of this flash were kinda boring, it was still very original and funny, i gotta say that when i first started watching part one i thought that it was gonna be one of those craptastic flashes, but damn i was WRONG! part 2 and part 3 were by far the greatest and funniest flashes i've ever seen, and the ending of part 3 was both very great and very funny, this is excellence.

(also my review of sonic vs ezizo, the death metal paragraph was to sigon1 [or however the fuck its spelled])

Reviewed by Maximus The Hedgehog

Except for Sonic v.s Ezizo, this is the best movie ever you made! And thanks for having me in your credits.

What happend...the other 2 were so good. This one makes no sense anywhere and it looked like it was rushed.

this style of animating is getting old fast. usually when there is a mario related cartoon, im interested, but this was extremely boring. the sound sucked, AND the animation was below average. (plus a lack of story)

One question though... How did you make the light look like that?
(i am noob to flash so plz tell)

Love the Yoshi's Island music. Fits perfectly. This is all tens, This goes to everyone... WATCH THIS GREAT FLASH!

some places should have a little background music, but other than that it was great

The sound was really good and i really enjoyed this animation I also liked the menu where you could pick scenes and stuff overall really good!

Quite nice, especially the sound. The sound was great,excluding the sound of the beam. The beam sounded horrible. This really did remind me of other Mario games, especially Paper Mario. You chose quite a nice variety of sprites. Overall, good work.

no text or dialogue or plot

I liked it but all the parts that were looped seemed liked they looped a bit too many times making it feel drawn out and a little dry,
Loved that negative image effect when bowser was blasted!

That was great. But you could try to take care of some graphic problems like...When the clouds are passing by it seems like one has been cut out. But all in all it's good.

- Darth_Mortis (SBC's elimination project shall happen in 3/jan/06)


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3.30 / 5.00