Fat, Dumb n' Happy

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My first Flash!

Guys and gals, I hope you like it. This took me about a month to put together and I used tutorials and everything. It's about a turkey and Thanksgiving. Hilarity ensues.

It's done in 10fps and almost every sound effect was created by myself. I went through a ton online too... that took two days. hehe.

Also, THANK you audio portal for the cool music! Now I don't have to copyright infringe...

For a little background, I was sleeping and thought this up when I woke up. I wrote it all down at that point (about 5AM or 6AM). I had just gotten Flash MX Pro the day before too and I figured what better way to learn?

So, I started looking at tutorials and did a very small practice Flash (8 frames) and figured out how to do that much.

Well, weeks went by and last week I totally overhauled the credits one day because it was ready for release.

Ask me what I did. Go ahead, ask... I erased the ENTIRE turkey layer... I was MAD. It took a few days to get back into it, but I finally did and this is what you get. I even improved the turkey's mouth. You'll notice the 'O' mouth when he's not a ghost, but no 'O' mouth when he is one. That's because the ghost was a tween that survived. =)

Hey, I even crunched all the sound down unlike MOST newbs. ;)




That was a great flash! It was long and pretty funny.
But it was so sad on how he was so happy eating and stuff and then killed. :*(

RSQViper responds:

Ah, the sad life of a turkey. Hungry, then dead.

On the up-side my preloader was broken all this time and I couldn't figure out why. I finally did and now it's fixed. YAY!

Glad you like the Flash. Thanks for the 10!


that was great. at the end, just when i thought we were rid of that turkey, he's a frickn' ghost now! oh boy, i tell you what, turkeys sure is dumb. sorry, trying that southern accent. it had me laughing a good while just at the stupidity of the turkey. good job.

RSQViper responds:

I thought you might like this. Good to see I was right!

This movie is going to be my pride and joy for a while, I'm pretty sure. It was my first and I think I did a pretty good job on it considering it was my first Flash ever.

Thanks for the comment! Be sure to keep an eye open for me because I've got story line after story line just waiting to become a Flash.

dont know how to describe it

that was really funny. i enjoyed. and yes, turkeys really arent that smart... no; they really arent.

RSQViper responds:

Thanks a lot for checking it out. I'm glad you liked it, even if you had no idea why. =)

roflmao that turkey's dumb D:

good job on your first flash. the turkey acted like a complete total idiot, and the bird was too smart for his own good lol. i also liked the cool guitar songs, by the way.

and hey, thanks for using my music !

RSQViper responds:

Oh, thank YOU for having that music. It was perfect for this Flash!

I'm also glad you liked the movie. Keep making songs! =)

Not bad at all

That brings tears to my eyes. I knew turkeys are dumb, but I never imagined HOW dumb... Good work.

RSQViper responds:

Don't cry over spilled turkey blood, my friend. =) Or was it from laughing too hard?

Thanks for the vote and comment!

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3.80 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2005
4:59 PM EST
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