Shotgun Orc

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(might take a while before the "loading" screen appears but don't worry, it's loading)

Update: Yikes, people really hate those bowling balls! They are there to add to the challenge but seems most people just found them irritating! I guess I've learnt a lesson!


nice but....

the game has two bad things about it
1: level four looks like an evil, demonic area and your an evil orc. Wouldn't that mean it you would have allies there?
2: i got right next to someone and fired and he didn't die. for some reason you have slightly away from your enemy.


still love this game after all these years, i think its a real newgrounds classic man

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raitendo responds:

that's nice to hear!

It takes too long

i didn't even get 2 play because it didn't load sorry for the bad comment but come on if u put something on here at least have it load

It's like the aftereffects of yanked wisdom teeth

Let me start with, overall, I really liked this game. I love any game that gives you the chance to shotgun people away, just like a shotgun is built to do. I found myself grinning semi-maniacally as foe after foe fell to my boom stick!

I look over to the side
and see that this game is...well...pretty old in my book, seeing as I didn't even know about this site then. On that, a review is mostly pointless, but Imma finish this one nonetheless.

Other than just noting how awesome it is to make people go 'boom' in a game, the only thing that I really have to say is that, though the cannon balls rolling on the ground (perplexing enough) didn't bother me, the fact that it didn't really matter how many shells you had loaded, if the opposition felt like attacking at the moment you were going to squeeze the trigger, you might as well accept you're probably going to die. Sorta on that note, it was just a bit irritating to start the next level with full hearts (thank you), but as many shells loaded as you either ended the previous level with, or that you died with.

Yup, overall, it's a little like sore wisdom teeth yankage. I mean, in some parts it hurts, but that's why you have the prescribed vikatan! GO BOOMSTICK GO!


this game is good but cut it withe the fuckin bowlin balls
everyone hates them
edit the game and re-upload it

raitendo responds:

it's a bit late for that

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3.40 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2005
1:07 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun