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Master Chief Dress-Up

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*UPDATE: 9/26/06* WOW, 50 K views, I never expected that my first flash would make it that far! Thanks to all those who played and enjoyed this!
Halo fans, this is for you! For the first time, dress up the Master Chief with over 50 articles of clothing, weapons, and accessories. Enjoy!Red button=Changes backgrounds. Green button=Resets game.Everything else is self-explanatory.*Note*: Some text or images are small, so you'll need to zoom in in order to view them properly. Also, click the stop music button when your done listening to a sound track and before clicking a new one.



If only every flash was like this! Next time post it in luthuanian so everyone will go "WTF?!?!?!?" in there reviews.

IM gonna fifen this everyday until i forget (next tuesday, give or take a day)

KungFuCow responds:

I'm pretty sure that if I had posted it in Lithuanian, my score would have been lower because almost no one would be able to understand it. And thanks for the review, Matt :p


so the crazy lithuanian finally got on.
and in only 4 tries. good for you.
it was the coolioiestest.

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KungFuCow responds:

You DARE to question my flash skill, MICHAEL? NO LITHUANIAN PIMP FARMING FOR YOU!! :P

Pretty good

As far as dressups go it was okay. I've played some where the clothes aren't even remotely close to fitting, so you can see what scale I measure them on :P. Nice music (the Halo theme is always a winner with me and I don't even like Halo!), wide range of clothes and accessories. Overall, pretty good.

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KungFuCow responds:

Your review word-wise sounds a lot better than your score... : (

Well done

It was well done, keep it up. Found a bug, if you click on one of the music buttons, it starts playing the song over the current one. Other than that it was good.

KungFuCow responds:

Thats what the stop music button is for. Read authors comments before playing a game next time.

Good, but its missing something

This has a lot of potential, I really liked how you drew the guns, very profesional. But when you try to make the chief hold the guns, if it is not a dual wieldable weapon, it looks a little silly.

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KungFuCow responds:

Thanks. Well, I guess I could update this in the future with a button or something that would allow you to change the MC's position so that he could dual wield guns...

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3.48 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2005
7:25 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up