Who Goes There? Part 3

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UPDATE 060617
I updated a new version with the fantastic voice acting of TripleArrow, Forbin and Johan Bodin,
a special thanks to the Newgrounds voice acting club.

UPDATE 051117
Daily 4th place thank you all NG users!
I updated the file and fixed the misspellings for most of the movie(i hope) and thanks for all the help I have got from you all.

In this part there are more story elements but still som action, and I like to thank everyone who review the other two parts it really helps and keeps me going...

You can find the other parts here:

I hope you all enjoy it, and please review

The voices may be slight strange cause I useda a pretty old mic for recording and I coulden't get any one to do the voices so I had to do them and I do suck at voice acting, big time... another issue I had was the subtitle, they just dident want go stay the same and I tried my best with the spelling.... other than this I hope you all like it!


Its like watching a movie.

I wish they would of let you write DOOM. The sound gets bad later on but even though everyone complains about it, I kind of like how it works in the beginning. It adds some horror affect to when father oblivion is talking with that guy. I'll watch the other two now. I thought I had seen them but I was clearly thinking of something else. Your smooth animation and well thought of story plot have made me happy today. FOr that friend, I thank you. -KID

GrimEntertainment responds:

Its nice to make someone happy, then i did what I wanted, Thanks a lot and Iam really glad you liked it!

I must say...

The story and graphics are excellent. But this is amost immediately negated by the sound quality, and subtitles. The music was fine, but the voices are hard to hear, and are often quite awkward (however, that's understandable if you don't have any voice actors). And the subtitles... well, first of all, even if spelling and grammar is a minor thing it'll tidy up the overall apperance. And the large spaced out font makes things look squashed.

Anyway, with a little improvement this can easily become a very good piece of work. Well done.

GrimEntertainment responds:

Thanks Glad you liked it! I took the critic to my heart and remade the subtitles, and made the large font smaller and your right it fells mutch more serious now, so I uploaded a new file with better subs... thanks for the heads up.

An interesing piece of a bigger whole?

This is terrifying on so many levels--this looks like a good series to watch alone in the dark; my only problems are that the voice-overs are too quiet against the music, the dialogue seems jerky and unnatural ("how in the hell we stop it" would be better said "how in hell we stop it", for instance), and the fact that you could highly benefit from a spell-checker--the thing is riddled with misspellings and grammer problems. Like 'explotian' is really 'explosion', 'allright' is either 'alright' or 'all right', preferably the first one.

The concept seems scary enough, and I'm going to go watch the other parts now. Good job, but watch out for details.

GrimEntertainment responds:

Thanks glad you liked it, and I will watch out for details for next part, the subtiteling has been somewhat fixed now with the help of a word book (:
Thanks again!


MAKE ANOTHER ONE! i love it!

GrimEntertainment responds:

I will and just for your sanity! :)
Thanks anyway iam really glad you liked it!

Amazingly well styled.

With the exception of the poor spelling in the subtitles, this was a very well put together piece. The originality of it is what scores the most points. Plus, the hell creature animation was done very well, even if the humans looked a bit robotic.

Oh yeah, and 1 humor point for the Alien allusion. ^^

GrimEntertainment responds:

Thanks glad you liked it, I trie to work more on the humans till next episode cause I see what you mean! i uploaded a new file with a more corect(i hope) subtitling...
Thanks again!

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Nov 16, 2005
3:06 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place November 17, 2005