Who Goes There? Part 3

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UPDATE 060617
I updated a new version with the fantastic voice acting of TripleArrow, Forbin and Johan Bodin,
a special thanks to the Newgrounds voice acting club.

UPDATE 051117
Daily 4th place thank you all NG users!
I updated the file and fixed the misspellings for most of the movie(i hope) and thanks for all the help I have got from you all.

In this part there are more story elements but still som action, and I like to thank everyone who review the other two parts it really helps and keeps me going...

You can find the other parts here:

I hope you all enjoy it, and please review

The voices may be slight strange cause I useda a pretty old mic for recording and I coulden't get any one to do the voices so I had to do them and I do suck at voice acting, big time... another issue I had was the subtitle, they just dident want go stay the same and I tried my best with the spelling.... other than this I hope you all like it!


That was very good

I liked the use of Flash, it has a particular style and feel to it. Its not crappy graphics, its just different stylistically. The gore was good and the style of the creatures is really nice. One thing I really did like was the H.R. Giger alien in the last tank.

i likt it!

i liked it, but there where so many rip offs, alien, rlh, doom,indipendents day, etc. but over all good, finally a movie with guns that ACUALLY have rapid firing!

It was good

I can see my advice has been taken on board but i have to say the sound was pretty poor, I can understand that the mic was old and your voicing ability isn't the best, but it was rather quiet, I had to turn the sound right up but the doctor kept fading out, I assume that it might be because you can't hold the accent long enough, no offense, but yeah other than that awesome..


MAN! I was totally absorbed by that movie... It was like an actual movie like in the cinema's!
YOU, sir, deserve my respect.
VERY good storyline.

good job

voices wernt clear enough... mebbe sacrafice the accent so we can understand what hes saying... still really good gets better with each installment

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4.06 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2005
3:06 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place November 17, 2005