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This fla is on dbz. It was made for me to test whether or not i could do frame by frame animation. The characters are not supposed to be from the show but they are based on them.
I couldn't find any good music that i thought would go with it so any recommendations would be helpfull (it goes for about 1min 30sec).

*Update: Just found out that it goes faster then on my computer (p200)and you miss some stuff but not too much, so i'm sorry bout that and i'll try and post a normal speed up.

Ok I think I posted the real normal speed so if it's still too fast tell me.

*UPDATE 4/9/2002 AUS or 9/4/2002 US is that right??
Ne how I actually have got my act together making stickdbz2 except it's not so much sticks now, actually there's a lot of new stuff and i think the animation will turn out really well. I'm thinking that it will be finished by October/November or sooner so look out for it.


I loved it!

I liked the music! That was worth a minute of my time!!!

No good......

NO NO NO!!! No good at all! In fact, IT SUCKS!!!


meh its ok just they were sticks! but hey i shouldnt critisize cuz i cant do any better but it had some good things about it.


Ok... The graphics were sticks with some really big hands (even bigger than their really weird feet at some points) It was boring to watch, the music didnt suit DBZ. The violence was more like *pretend* fighting (no sound)

** - Crap!

P.S. Try harder next time (your the first person with an overall of 2 i have reviewed) Although if it WAS your first, then it would be a..

*** - Average

Good for a first

That was truly a wonderful first try, I wish I knew how to do the things you do. Anyways, keep trying, you obviously have a talent for it, and you'll only get better.

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3.38 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2001
5:00 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature August 13, 2001