Undead Rising

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Update: July 17 2007; So long since this first came out and still Part 2 has been put on hold. Ah well. Thanks again to the loyal fans.

Well basically this took around 6 weeks to create, and it still needs working but here it is.
BTw I know to hell that it looks JUST like Resident Evil. Same look. Same music. But we chose these because we thought it would look better. In the next part OUR story will appear...
I'd like to thank Raz for helping and everyone who gave constructive critiscm.
This is Part 1 of a 3 part series. Part 2 and 3 will come soon. This is sorta the opener for the story so expect most of the action in the next 2 parts. Also one part of the movie may screw up on some PC's causing the sounds at the end to become out of sync. But it isn't that important and doesn't decrease the quality in any way!
Thank you all

BTW Razorice no longer has the Ka-Sol music and even if he did, he wouldn't give it to you. Thank you.



ok lets see...the plot is sort of bland but you get the point exspecially if you ever watched a resident evil movie or played the games. IT makes you a little angry because it really doesnt go anywhere and it cuts you off fast, meaning it continues to another movie maybe soon to be made. Which I dont like exspecially how this person i relying on the second movie. The second movie better deal out the right cards for this to be a winning series.

EvilJOE-FX responds:

Thanks for the advice

Dude that was awesome.

I'm sure your next part will be just out of this world. I loved how you paid attention to all the details, like for example when the lamp when out the flies flew away from it because there wasnt anymore heat. It's little things like that, that make it great. Keep up the good work.

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EvilJOE-FX responds:

glad you liked it

i like detail too >.<


God I hate zombies... This is pretty good keep up the animating


very nicely done...i was surprised at the name of that guy...his name is one letter off from being my exact name...kinda weird...

EvilJOE-FX responds:

does it happen to be Chris Miller?


wow i know what youve made! this is every other zombie fiction that has ever existed. word of advise: you can allways go wrong with zombies. why not make up something completely new that people wont forget 2 minutes after watching it. but other than the fact that you did the most unimaginable thing you could think of, it was a pretty good flash in terms of the effects & the mood you created. dont make a sequil. use your skills for something enjoyable

EvilJOE-FX responds:

doesnt any one read the effin notes....

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Nov 14, 2005
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