Crono VS Black Mage

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This is the 3rd movie in the Boy VS Sprite series. Except it has nothing to do with Boy or Sprite. You'll probably want to watch the previous Boy VS Sprite movies and go here:

http://www.nuklearpower.c om/comic/multi/BMvsMagus.

That explains why Crono wants revenge against Black Mage.

This will probably be the last VS movie I submit to Newgrounds since people here are obviously getting tired of them.

Feel free to go to http://www.mortisland.com / for more of my work. It'll always be around.


Nicely Done.

This is easy to like if you don't take the character stats too literally... -_-

I've seen this one many times, and I'm glad I found it on NewGrounds, because you can't review off ********** <--- Unrelated website, I JUST read the warning at the top of this box. :S

Overall, very well done, nice touches here and there, well placed ad humor with the Coca-Cola. Pointless, but well placed. And pointless comedy can be funny. Like in this case. The intro music worked very well, timing was excellent. I like Crono's Luminaire's animation, it's very well done. Overall, an excellent piece of flash. :)

PS: I gave violence a five because I don't really know what the number is supposed to mean... Yeah, I'm dumb that way. -_-

that's some B.S right there

first off, magus's weapon does like 3 to 40 damage, and Crono has 999 same with Marle. second crono's luminaire does 2000 to 5000 damage so they both would of died right there.
and finally Marle would have just used life2 or something to restore his life. Magus is powerful but cannot defeat Crono no matter how hard he tries( the frog even killed him by himself and ididn't have to use the masamune blade...)
I don't even thing u beat the game.


its not "the dark mage" little boy, its magus. anyone on this whole planet could have told you that. why dont you beat the game before you choke on a sucker while running.

Nicely done

Nice animation, but you should have a background with it and sound effects. Also, I tried the URL you gave to better understand the conflict, but there was an error. All that aside it was very well done... Oh, and for the record, Crono would take both Magus and BM down anyday. I mean... you have to look at the facts. Crono is always on the top of the list, then Magus, then BM, then Marle(who wouldn't be killed that easily still). I mean, come on... he's got a katana.


Well i wouldn't call it all that bad but it wasn't really much of a fight being no background and no sound effects but at the end i still got a little laugh from the Secret of Mana zombie,decent work. =)

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3.97 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2001
10:30 PM EDT