Crono VS Black Mage

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This is the 3rd movie in the Boy VS Sprite series. Except it has nothing to do with Boy or Sprite. You'll probably want to watch the previous Boy VS Sprite movies and go here:

http://www.nuklearpower.c om/comic/multi/BMvsMagus.

That explains why Crono wants revenge against Black Mage.

This will probably be the last VS movie I submit to Newgrounds since people here are obviously getting tired of them.

Feel free to go to http://www.mortisland.com / for more of my work. It'll always be around.



But incase you haven't noticed, Magus has 6666 Hp. And by the time Crono learns Luminaire, he would have kicked Magus's ass. Also,Crono never killed Schala. He died protecting her. Also, Crono's Luminaire takes away 1000+ damage, while a Black Mage's Max HP is 999. Black Mage should have died after that blast. And just because BM use black magic doesn't mean they're evil (unless he's based on 8-bit theatre) Look at Vivi! He's BM but he's not evil.


but you idiot! chrono is more better then magus! and you did not even make em use his moves like Cyclone and why did SHE have to die too huh??!
look, i know you make movies and do whatever the hell you like with em but at least make a selection so everyones fav. person can win instead of seeing them die!

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it was coo

it was coo, i liked it, really not much to say about my ranks towards it, i thought it was good, and i always give a low graphic rank on video game parodies only couse the graphics are ripped.... not made

I loved it.

The whole fight was awsome. Everything about it. But.... I didnt like the ending where Zombie came in. I wouldnt mind if Marle got her brains eaten, but Chronos a diffrent story. I liked it.


This is not how Chrono Trigger should be! Crono didn't kill Schala! Whaaaaat?!?!?!!? I love Chrono Trigger so much but I hate the outcome .... does .... not .... compute .... *BOOM*

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3.97 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2001
10:30 PM EDT