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Matt's Anime Tutorial

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***Thanks to everyone for still viewing it. A little commentary: This was my first ever attempt at drawing on the computer, and I am aware many of you are better than me at these sorts of drawings, even by hand. I encourage someone with more skill to build on this and make a better tutorial to be displayed. When I get back into flash, I may improve it myself. I'm never on newgrounds anymore, so don't expect me to even read your comments, but thank you for your support and criticism.

** Wow, 50k views, awesome. Thanks for the great reviews everyone.

* Ever since this has been placed in the Anime Section, my score has sky-rocketed, and the reviews have been great, thanks guys. Hands and Feet tutorial coming soon? ;)

I am so happy that I finally completed this. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw the heads, bodies, and other various aspects of anime figures. I really hope this helps you.


Finally a great anime tutorial!

Hey I thank you so much for making this. I am 14 and have always liked anime, but I didn't think about drawing until I got the first rave master manga and decided to not trace, but copy one of the pictures in the book by looking at it and drawing. After that I tried and tried to draw more anime, but simply couldn't because I didn't really know how to go from blank paper to an elaborate drawing. After going through this tutorial for like hours I can just sit down and draw any face I want, even though I still have some trouble with the hair. I first watched this like in december but just now am reviewing it. Thank you so much, oh and could you make a nother tutorial focusing more on the body and hands and feet then mostly kinda all around "body" because I still can't draw the faces with bodies. Well thanks again and please reply.

'Till next time------------Shadow_Fox_Ninja


This will help me alot in my drawings.Thanx :)

probably the best anime tut on ng

very good work-there are a lot of shit anime tuts and this 1 roks, but you should of put a bit more detale and gone a little bit more in depth inn the finer aspects

yay i can draw better now!!

before this i coundnt draw, and now i can. ty!

^-^ Wow. Good Skillz, dood.

Haha. You've got some drawing skills, man. Good job.
Im pretty good with drawing myself, and i draw things that are slightly anime based. But i could never get the position of the way they're looking just right.
Thanks for the tutorial, man.

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Nov 13, 2005
7:50 PM EST