When in Rome...

November 13, 2005 –
February 18, 2009
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Betcha you don't see something like this in Rome.

I'm guessing this was decent. It just wasn't my type of flash. Nice job though.

worthy of showcase

yeah! i just love it when kids fight each other to the death! you rock!

Why (HE HE HE HAHAHA) did their heads look like testicles!(HA HA)
Well who cares about that! Both of those gay ass boys DIED!

graphics were fairly smooth. slow it down for the attributes part ( I couldnt read their awesome stats) shows promise...take ur time, clean up sound alittle...

it was a pretty cool animation, very random overall, but i liked this one. your efforts were pretty good in this one and the drawings were good too. glad to see you win a daily 5th for this one too.

It was not as bad as some of the others.

I liked this. I really didn't expect to see the characters look like they did. I especially liked how the last guy won, and then was killed by the lion. That was a good touch. The one problem I had was with the offensive and defensive stats. I know a lot of people probably don't want the movie stalled so to read the stats, but I would've liked to see them last a bit longer so I could read it all. They went faster than the tidbits of information that pop up on the FoodTv show Good Eats.

Nice FBF work, and your characters are cool looking. Just the originality of it deserves no less than a 10. Hope to see lots more from you.

constructive -

1 - lengthen the amount of time for kyle's defense and offense. I'd have to say that's the only complaint I really had...

2 - do a slo-motion shot of the lion getting him as an extra...

That was excellent work, congrats to you. Looking forward to future submissions.

lol kyle kicked the shit outa lance until he got the guts stabed outa him lol good animation but when they all cheerd and there was only one black man there i laughed hard....not that he was black but because the animation was funny....yea thats it....
*thinking in head~yea there gonna belive that~thinking in head*

That was good. Just that the character info could stay a bit longer... I haven't finished reading and it went on to the next frame.

Overall, an excellent piece. The sound effects were good, animation was nicely done and the ending was simply brilliant. Nice work!

That was wonderful animation!!!!
Dude, that was really great. I cant believe you think thats not less than a 9/10. Its truly a great animation, and i think you could easily be an animator for a job!

Major props, dude.



lol i liked it, expecially the very quick fight which means i can review this sooner, heh anyway.... the graphics were good and animation was good, the sound was average and the violence was raised to 9 cause well yeah theres violence, and the lion made it ok funny ish =3 so overall a 8 good job

i loved it!

Very good toga movie!
Funny stuff right there....

One improvement would be the Gladiator descriptions, they go by too fast to read that much text.
You could either slow that part down, or get rid of them entirely, I don't think they're really needed....

HAIL Caesar, we who are about to die!!

so unexpected when they were beating the crap out of each other, I couldn't tell who would win until the very end great job!

Oh, wow, that was great. Complaints-not all the sound effects were there. Praises-everything else. Great animation, plot, and good humor, too.

But (without spoilers) why did he end it like that?

As owner of BluntStudios this rocked ass off. Just seeing this in Judgement is crazy. Good job skye and shall add it to the site once you do the adjustments for the sites.

Excellent animation. Love the ending. Only thing I can think to improve on is the refferee, make him less, swishy?, when he makes his announcment. keep it up.

very nice, very nice work...

........ i donĀ“t know what to say, the flash was brilliant, very original also, and the end was... well, i like it...

Youve got a good plot and an idea of what graphics are supposed to be. That was a really good movie keep at it. Thats a good flash movie if ever i saw one.

very entertaining. it kept you interested the entire time. u even but some twist in there which u rarelly see in a flash. good work, keep it up.

That was a entertaining movie, the last part was hilarious.

Sry didn't watch film goodbye

Animation was Pretty nice and the sounds fit in nicely. Keep it up. 4/5

Mildly entertaining. I liked it.


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3.73 / 5.00