38 Hours Of My Life!

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Well.. this took awhile.
I worked on this about 1/2 a year but my house burnt down so I couldnt finish this.
But here it is now.
I worked exactly 38 hours on this during the months, not counting the endless hours starring at the white flash screen.
my style kind of changed a lil so its rather fun to watch, to me atleast.

This movie somehow describes my life.. Its not really meant to be understood by anyone so dont be confused incase you dont understand it, just enjoy it as a random FlashMovie. I´m just doing it to get all the thoughts out of my head and entertain people with it. Yes.. it makes some sense deep inside.. Alot of sense actually. I put way more thoughts into this than into all my other random movies, so it isnt that random after all. So you can try to think about what you see during the movie or just enjoy it as random abstract art with no meaning.
I thought it would be a nice twist to let the viewer decide

.. Actually everything I said above was a lie.
Its just random as hell <3

I think it shouldnt get too boring except if you despise random movies or the song, so you may aswell watch it multiple times because theres alot to see you may have missed in the first viewing of the flash. I used alot of drawing and animation techniques to make it as different to other movies as possible and I think it kinda suceeded, thinking its just another random movie.. If you wish you may also watch the other 3 of the series, even though the others kind of got old and lack quality. But just enjoy this for now, and be patient because there still is alot to come..

Thanks for watching.



WTF? *looks to the person below who looks to the person below for not spelling whatever he/she spelled incorrectly when the person below me spelled REVIEW wrong*. <cough> <cough> dipshit <cough>

That was a really good flash and 38 hours used up to make this flash is a bad thing for your life, but excellent for your reputation... I think. ROTFLMAO.


i will try to make an music flash too so i liked it very much, good luck with your next projects!!!


Awsome frame by frame animation. I probably couldn't do anything this good in a long long time.

hey pretty cool

pretty cool man sorry bout ur house though


WOW. that was awesome! everything flowed perfect. nice work dude. nice

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Nov 13, 2005
1:38 PM EST
Music Video