"The Renaissance"

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Done for a school project in U.S. History (8th grade).
The theme was "Origins of the United States of America", and we had to pick a topic that in some way tied in with the formation of the United States. I chose the European renaissance. Then this appeared.

Higher quality version: http://www.deviantart.co

Sorry about the quality. My computer "crashed" shortly before I was due to present, and a few of my files could not be recovered. Unfortunately, the .fla of this animation was one of these files.
Without the .fla, my ability to optimize/compress the animation was limited, and after several failed attempts, I resorted to embedding it as a video.
The version above is a less compressed embedded video of this animation.


It was okay, but I just didn't like it

I understand how much work must have went into this, what with the pencil drawings and all, but I just didn't like it. They way the characters were drawn just looked odd, to the point of surreal, and frankly bothered me a bit. I didn't find it funny, either, but that's probably because I was weirded out by the way the characters were drawn.

Thuberbaer responds:

Surreal? Yay!
Don't worry, I didn't find it funny either.

Nice one

I liked this but if you make another one make sure the sound quality is a bit better

Id like to see more!

could you please continue to make more movie shorts like this and keep them as a dark genre of movie


that was a weird style for a class project. but it wasn't bad. why did everything have such a pixelly look to it? It's like you changed it's format or something.

Thuberbaer responds:

Yeah, I couldn't properly optimize it so I converted it to a .avi and embedded it back into Flash as a video to reduce the file size.


That was ok. i liked it.

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3.72 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2005
10:22 AM EST
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