Fire Emblem Sprite Fight

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***Pre-Note:This was my first time working with sprites so its dodgy in bits. Check out FE club in the clubs forums***
This is just a bunch of Fire Emblem Sprites killing each other, i'm sure you'll like the Sound FX/music. As Fire Emblem players may realise, the sprites don't walk, so please ignore my improvised walking bits.

BTW - I know my weapon triangle and i dont like generals (sorry fellas) so tahts why general dies easy.

PS - Roy is not in this, its Eliwood. And although Marth rocks, i couldn't find sprites of him at the time so...sorry. ENJOY!

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It's a nice first sprite animation, but the one thing I don't understand is ELIWOODELIWOODELIWOODYUSTEALDASHOWLIWOODEL
And that you say the sprites don't walk but there are walking anims. A bit choppy on a few ends, but overall a good anim. Keep it up! :)

Hmm. Nice.

If only fire emblem was like this. But I DO Have constructive critisim.

1: Generals are badass. Sorry, but that general would of kicked those cavs asses with hands tied behind his back. But I know you hate them, dunno why, they are the strongest unit in the game. Atleast for me.
2: The walking, was a little rough. Good for first time, but still roughish.
3: The lack of a vast majority of classes, try having like mixes of spearmen and lets say, recruits, knights, cavs, and sniper/archers going at each other at once, you know, big army battles.
4: The snipers would do more damage. They are my 4th favorite unit, especially in Chapter 15 on sacred stones, The wasted plains or something.

BUT, this is pretty awesome none-the-less. Good job.

8/10 and 4/5

good job

why do the snipers don't do any damage? and why do you put only rebecca as the snipers XD


was good but far too many archers

It's okay... But it has problems

First, why Pirates of the Caribbean music? Plus, Archers wouldn't kill anyone because archers have suckish damage rates. And why would an assassin run right out into the open? And lastly a cavalier killing a general? Never happens lol.

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3.66 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2005
12:23 AM EST