Bak Bako

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In this game, you will control a very worried chicken using only your hand movement.
You will NOT be using a mouse or a keyboard! Simply move your hand in front of your web camera and the chicken will follow. I highly recommend reading the instructions inside the game for setting up the web cam etc.

NOTICE: You must have a Web cam to play this game.
If you don't have one dont play and DONT VOTE.
Comments are welcomed.

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Well this was different for sure, and odd, could be more user friendly it was abit hard to understand on what to do but in the end i had some of it down yet still confusing, the backrounds were very bland but i thin that was the idea, anyways nice work, just abit confusing...


cool one

it was an interesting game.... very unless without a webcam. the music was a bit annoying, but luckily i got a friend to lend me his cam so i could check out this game. it was pretty fun.

Mind Blowing

That is an amazing idea for a game. Just like the PS2's Eyetoy. Please make another with moe games. Maybe a boxing one or a war game, that would be amazing game, I can imagine it now punching my webcam and getting a knockout. The only bad thing about the game is that you need a webcam, you'll get loads of bad reviews along the lines of this "Omg, THATS SO CRAP YOU NEED A WEBCAM I CANNY AFFORD A WEBCAM I HYATE YOU AM GONNA BLAM THIS BLMA LAM BLAM!!!!!" But it's a very good idea, when you perfect it, this will be a groundbreaker, you will probably make the frontpage as well. I gave you a 5 by the way. YOU PWN!!

what a neat concept!

wow ive never seen something like this and this is my review of anything on NG. I am a frequent visitor to NG though and i gotta tip my cap to you that was a fun game, im prolly play it more tomorrow when i can set up the lighting in my room better to play it.

Good job i'll be awaiting more games like this for a nice curveball to my daily game playing!

Amusing and Refreshing.

It's the first time I've seen a game like this in NG. Arcadish like and smooth, it resembles those japanese games you see in the arcade that require you to move your hands to pop bubbles and such. Very entertaining at first, but gets repetitive in the long shot because it has a very short shell-life. Make more games like this that are more entertaining than manuvering a chicken to the eggs before the time runs out.

Oh and for those people who don't have webcams and complain. Read the god damn Authors comments before ya start complaining.

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3.55 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2005
12:17 AM EST
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